Immunization and Health Forms

COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Exemptions

Learn more about our current guidelines for the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters, as well as our exemption process on our vaccine webpage

All students, full time and part time, graduate and undergraduate, must submit an immunization record.*

What are the requirements?

The following requirements are based on The Connecticut Department of Public Health. The state of Connecticut mandates that all students supply the following information:

  • For the 2022–23 academic year, COVID vaccinations and boosters are strongly recommended, but not required, for University of Hartford students, faculty, and staff. This decision from UHart's COVID Steering Committee comes after much thoughtful discussion, the continued monitoring of public health conditions locally and beyond, and consultation with our state, education, and health care partners. The State Department of Public Health has opted not to add the COVID vaccine to its list of required vaccinations for schooling, including K–12, and Connecticut state colleges and universities are not requiring vaccination. Vaccine status does not need to be updated with the University at this time.
  • All students must show proof of two MMR vaccines (measles, mumps, rubella).
    Individuals are exempt if born before Dec. 31, 1956. 
  • All students and transfer students beginning Jan 1, 2010 must show proof of two varicella (chicken pox) vaccines. (Individuals born in the United States before Jan. 1, 1980 are exempt)
  • Proof of Meningococcal vaccination (Menactra) within five years of entry to the University is required for all residential students prior to room assignment. No student may move into campus housing until this requirement is met. Even if not living on-campus, we strongly recommend that all students be vaccinated against this disease. If it has been more than five years since your immunization, you will need a booster shot.

Instructions For Completing Immunization Form

  • The form must be completed prior to your arrival on campus/beginning of classes.
  • The form must be signed and stamped by your health care provider or you may submit a copy of records from another school or physician office. 
  • You must go to the portal,, and enter your immunization dates onto the Student Immunization Form in the “forms” section. Once you enter the dates on the form you then upload corresponding documentation signed by your medical provider and submit. 
  • New students must complete this form by July 15 if starting in the fall semester; Dec. 15 if starting in the spring semester. You will not be able to move-in without submitting your required health forms.
Please note: If you do not enter the dates of your immunizations on the appropriate form before uploading documentation it will not enter you as being compliant.

Portal Instructions

  • Access the portal at:
  • Log in using your email username (without "") and your email password.
  • Once in the portal, you will need to select the "Forms" tab to complete the required forms and upload your signed immunization form (you can download this below). 
Please note: If you do not enter the dates of your immunizations on the appropriate form before uploading documentation it will not enter you as being compliant.


What if my provider will not fill out the form without a physical?

If your provider will not fill out the form without a physical and will only provide a printout of immunizations, you must still fully fill out our form and attach the records.

I'm not able to access the portal. Who do I contact?

Please email

If you have questions regarding the form you can email

*Please note that fully online learners do not need to meet the immunization requirement.

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