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Success Stories

Rolando Calderon, Accounting '19

April 03, 2020
Rolando Calderon

Accounting major Rolando Calderon is currently studying for his CPA and working as campus recruiting intern at KPMG, where he will be a full-time audit associate starting Fall of 2020.

He was offered the full-time position after interning with KPMG during the spring of 2019. Barney and the Accounting department require an internship as a part of a student’s studies, which Rolando says, “helped me push myself to find the best internship possible and set myself up to the position I am at today.”

He continues by saying, “the accounting curriculum and professors at UHart were amazing. They effectively taught me the skills and knowledge I needed to put myself in the best position possible. The Barney School of Business in general does a fantastic job and doing so for all their students.”

Rolando credits his advisor and professor, James Bannister, with “truly helping me throughout my years at UHart.”  Additionally, Rolando also had to opportunity to work in the accounting apartment as a tutor/student worker. He says he wanted to “make the best of the opportunities when they present themselves.”

When asked about his experience as a student at UHart, Calderon says: “My experience at UHart was fantastic. I made life-long memories as well as made life-long friends. I will forever cherish my time at UHart.  The atmosphere at UHart was almost always welcoming and it really did feel like a second home.”