Success Stories

Alexa Keener

January 22, 2020
It was no coincidence that Alexa Keener '16, M'18 landed a great job at Aetna, A CVS health company, right after graduating with a bachelor's degree from UHart's Barney School of Business.

"UHart taught me the crucial transferrable skills that have made me successful—leadership, influence, organizational skills, time management, and more," Keener says. As part of the Barney School of Business, Keener participated in the innovative career-ready program, where 100 percent of students complete an internship and learn interviewing and networking skills. 

Keener started out in the financial leadership program at Aetna but quickly earned a job in the HR department, where she was promoted to senior HR consultant. 

In her role, she works with business leaders to find the right talent for various positions. The skills that she learned at UHart have also led to her success outside of work through participation in boards and other community engagement opportunities. She was recently elected as a selectman in Torrington.  

As if this wasn't enough, Keener also earned her Master of Business Administration from UHart in 2018, while she was working full-time for Aetna. 

I owe UHart for who I am today. Academics, extra-curricular activities, and the people who I met all had a significant impact on shaping me as a person. 

Alexa Keener, '16, M'18

Keener encourages new students to try everything once to learn about the things they like and dislike.

"The things I tried that I didn't enjoy pushed me towards the path of things that gave me joy," Keener says.

She also emphasizes the important of having fun and enjoying the experience.