First-Year Student Appreciates the Advantage that Hillyer College Offers

Kicha Pinthiere A’21, ‘23, a first-year student and psychology major from Providence, Rhode Island, credits the Hillyer College Summer Bridge program with helping with her smooth transition into college. Summer Bridge is a week-long program where incoming students live on campus and take a 1-credit course in Academic Strategies, and choose to either focus on math or writing skills. 

“Attending Summer Bridge stimulated my brain,” Kicha says. “It helped me get back into the groove of things academically.” Kicha’s experience with Summer Bridge is like so many others. Not only did it help her adjust to college-level coursework, but it gave her familiarity with the campus so that come move-in day in late August, Kicha knew exactly where she was headed on her first day of classes. “I made some amazing friends at Summer Bridge.” 

Kicha says she chose to study psychology after becoming very curious about mental health and says she’s most excited to learn about the human brain and why people behave the way they do. One of her biggest aspirations is that she will be able to help people modify their mental health, as she envisions herself becoming a behavioral psychologist.

“There are not many schools that care about their students the way that UHart's Hillyer College does,” Kicha says. She added that she appreciates how assertive her professors have been as they go out of their way to help her understand the college curriculum and make sure she reaches her highest potential.She specifically thanks English Professor Leslie Johnson for giving her the advice and critique she needed to benefit her writing skills.

In fact, it was the Hillyer College faculty who took notice of Kicha’s exceptional academic achievements and dedication right away. Dean David Goldenberg selected her for the opportunity to introduce Hillyer’s Outstanding Young Alumnus and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Brandon Korn at the October award ceremony attended by the University community. 

Kicha’s advice for other first-year students is to manage your time wisely, and do not put things off to the last minute. She recommends staying organized with an agenda of the assignments due so you won’t forget. Lastly, Kicha says the best way to be in-the-know is to not be afraid to ask questions and use the resources available to you.

There are not many schools that care about their students the way that UHart's Hillyer College does.

Kicha Pinthiere, A’21, ‘23