Medical, Dental, Vision, and Dependent Child Life Insurance

May 12, 2022
Submitted By: Dianne Silliman

It is the responsibility of any faculty or staff member who has a dependent child, enrolled in medical, dental, vision, and/or dependent life insurance, to notify HRD within 30 days of any changes in dependent eligibility status to ensure proper benefit continuation processing per plan guidelines and/or applicable law. Please notify HRD using PeopleAdmin by following the instructions below, then submit the Qualifying Event form.

After logging into PeopleAdmin please click the 3 blue dots at the top left of the screen then click Employee Records and follow the instructions below: 

PeopleAdmin will open, then please click Available Forms to the left of the screen and select the Qualifying Event form. When you have completed the form please click the Save Final button; the form will allow you to add your electronic signature as proof of completion, then click Submit. The form will then move along to the next person in the que for approval. 

Dependent children enrolled in University group medical, dental, vision and/or life insurance plans maintain eligibility for participation to age 26. Eligibility for coverage terminates at the end of the month in which the child ceases to qualify. This change is considered a qualifying event under IRS guidelines. 

Any questions regarding eligibility status should be directed to HRD at