Annual Symposium

The Women's Advancement Initiative's Virtual Annual Symposium

If you have trouble viewing the video, try watching on YouTube, email WAI, or call 860.768.5961.

The Women's Advancement Initiative is proud to continue the legacy of Hartford College for Women. 


2021 Annual Symposium

April 1, 2021 at 5:00 PM

Experience The Women's Advancement Initiative through the eyes of our students, faculty, and staff who benefit from our programs. Explore innovative research and creative projects presented by Dorothy Goodwin Scholars, Laura Johnson Leaders, Faculty Fellows, and interactive leadership lessons from today's LEAD students. In a year like no other, we applaud the efforts of our presenters to develop these amazing projects.

Welcome Remarks

Amy Jaffe Barzach, Executive Director

Dorothy Goodwin Legacy

Glandina (Dina) Morris, Assistant Director


Faculty Fellows

Social Entrepreneurship and Marine Debris
Katharine Owens, PhD | A&S | Director and Professor
Lillian Kamal, PhD | Barney | Associate Professor

Dorothy Goodwin Scholars

The Great Flood
Sydney Samele ’21 | Art School
Mentor: Kathleen Schroeder, PhD, MBA, Adjunct Professor

Cancer Cell Research
Megan Anderson ’21 | A&S
Mentor: Aime Levesque, PhD, Department Chair and Associate Professor

The Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures During COVID-19
Christina Roy ’22 | Barney
Mentor: Jenna Tang, PhD, Assistant Professor

“The Luke Thing” Verbatim Theatre Production
Miriam Holsbeke ’22 and Abby Marcus ’22 | Hartt School
Mentor: Annmarie Davis, MFA, Artist Teacher

Fluid Dynamics Investigation of Flow Over Different Wings Shapes in Supersonic Regimes
Angie Perez ’22 | CETA
Mentor: Ivana Milanovic, PhD, Professor

The Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Alzheimer’s Disease Progression
Camryn Butera ’22 | A&S
Mentor: Paola Sacchetti, PhD, Associate Professor; Director, M.S. Neuroscience Program

Creating a Book Featuring Harriet Winograd Artwork and the Impact of Art Therapy
Madison Cocchi ’22 | Art School
Mentor: Amy Barzach, MBA, Executive Director and Instructor

Researching Out of School Transitions for Students with Disabilities
Haley Cassidy ’22 and Kaitlyn Dupont ’22 | ENHP
Mentor: Sarah Hart, PhD, Assistant Professor

The Effects of α-Synuclein and γ-Synuclein on Apolipoprotein E in Human Cortical Astrocytes
Abigail Myers ’21 | A&S
Mentor: Andrew Koob, PhD, Assistant Professor

Scoping Literature Review to Support the Impact of Arts in Physical Therapy
Emma Brown ’21 | ENHP
Mentor: Mary Gannotti, PhD, Professor

Production of the Song Cycle “Edges” by Pasek & Paul with Themes of Young Adulthood
Liana Glennon ’21 and Claire Rice ’21 | Hartt School
Mentor: Jeanine Pardey Levine, MM, Artist Teacher

The LEAD Program

Sara Cerruto, Lead Program Manager

LEAD Student Presenters

LEAD Class of 2024 Francesca Onimus and Aishat Banire

LEAD Class of 2023 Autumn Collins and Victoria Rozario

LEAD Class of 2022 Kim Ly and Christine Gallares

LEAD Class of 2021 Amayah Harris and Samantha Marte

Closing Remarks

Amy Jaffe Barzach, Executive Director

Annual Symposium Scramble

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Dorothy Goodwin Scholars & Faculty Fellows