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Firefox 66.0 has currently introduced a defect to Banner 9 where certain mouse-clicks don't register and the user must use a workaround to have that click recognized. We recommend you do not upgrade to Firefox 66.0 if you have not already done so. If you have already upgraded you may wish to use a different browser until the issues with Firefox are resolved.

Ellucian is working on an update that will accommodate this issue in Firefox, however, a delivery date has not yet been announced. Below is the latest comment in eCommunities from Joshua Lederhandler at Ellucian on March 25, 2019.

Customer Community,

We have identified a solution and are actively testing it. Our plans are to deliver a Banner Admin Common delivery against the current release and a Banner Admin Common delivery against the one-back version. Resolutions for the Firefox v66 bug are planned in these deliveries, no additional resolutions above and beyond that.

Please follow the Banner Admin Common or release record in the Product Calendar for up to date delivery information.

Thank you,

Josh Lederhandler
Product Manager

Workarounds To Continue Working in Firefox 66.0

Option 1:
When click on 'Go', make sure you click on the the blank area.
If click on the word/text 'Go' click it will not work.
Need to click on the blank space in the box in order to work.

Option 2:
Click on 'Go' and hit 'Enter', it will work and continue to work for remainder of Banner session.

Option 3:
Use keyboard shortcuts.

Option 4:
Downgrade to Firefox 65 or use Firefox ESR

The buttons affected are not isolated to 'Go' button. It's been reported on 'Start Over' and other button in Banner Admin pages.