Current Employees

UHart's employees are the driving force behind or students' success. We couldn't do it without you! Working for the University of Hartford, we believe your job should be enriched and supported through the multitude of benefits we offer. 

MyUHart Experience

MyUHart Customizable Dashboard

Simplifying Campus Life

Introducing a new MyUHart, powered by Ellucian's flagship product called Experience, a new cloud-based platform that simplifies how information is shared. Enjoy a customizable dashboard, responsive design, and real-time data access. It's user-friendly, requiring minimal training. Select and place content as information cards for quick access.

Campus Announcements

Campus-wide or targeted announcements based on user roles will be shared on MyUHart to ensure no crucial information is missed.

Outstanding Staff Award

Staff Award Recipient

The University of Hartford annually acknowledges employees who exemplify exceptional performance and uphold UHart's values. The unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions of these staff and administrative members significantly contribute to UHart's continued success and positive growth.