COVID-19 Employee Resources

Important human resources information for University of Hartford employees will be added to this page throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Employee COVID-19 Procedures


reporting your case
  • Report the positive test via Livesafe and stay home
  • A contact tracer will call you to:
    • Assess symptoms and provide isolation dates (including both Day 5 and Day 10)
    • Gather information about any UHart close contacts you had
  • If you are unable to complete your job remotely or are feeling so ill that you are unable to work, contact HRD immediately. Faculty members should contact their department chair and collegiate dean.
  • Plan to isolate for 10 days and remain off campus during this time
  • After 10 days, you can return to campus without a test or any medical clearance
    • UNLESS: you still have a fever after 10 days or you condition has not improved. In this case, you should already be in contact with HRD about disability leave.
testing out of isolation
  • If you wish to “test out” of isolation before 10 days, you can begin testing on day 5 as long as your symptoms are improving, and you have been without fever for 24 hours
    • At home tests or tests performed in a doctor’s office or urgent care are acceptable
  • If you test negative on or after day 5 and before day 10, you should send the test result to, and then can immediately return to work

Employee must fully mask for the full 10 days, and at any time after that when masking is required by University policy.

Fully vaccinated and up-to-date on booster
  • You do not need to quarantine
  • Wear a mask for 10 days and self-monitor for symptoms
  • Get a test 5 days after exposure
  • If symptoms develop, get tested immediately and quarantine until result is received 
Unvaccinated or not up-to-date on booster
  • You need to quarantine for five days
  • Stay off campus for quarantine
  • Get a test on day 5. If it is negative, you can leave quarantine.
  • If ending quarantine after 5 days, continue to mask for full 10 days after exposure
  • If symptoms develop at any point, get tested immediately
Special note for continuous exposure (living or caring for a positive case)
  • If you are fully vaccinated, up-to-date on your booster, and asymptomatic, you do not need to quarantine but should follow the testing schedule below:
    • Test five days after first exposure (beginning of household member’s isolation period)
    • Test five days after last exposure (end of household member’s isolation period)
    • Immediately isolate and test if symptoms develop at any point in this window
  • If you are not vaccinated or not up-to-date on you booster, you need to quarantine
    • Quarantine immediately upon becoming aware of the exposure
    • Your quarantine will end five days after the last date of exposure to the positive case (5 days after the case’s isolation period ends)
    • Test five days after last date of exposure and get a negative result to leave quarantine and return to work in person
  • Immediately schedule/perform a COVID test
  • Do not report to campus
  • Notify your department chair, dean, or supervisor if you are going to need to work remotely or are unable to work while awaiting a test
  • If test your test is negative, you can return to work in person
  • If your test is positive, report through Livesafe
  • If new symptoms emerge or existing symptoms worsen, a new test may be needed, start at step 1

Employee Vaccine Requirement

All employees are required to be fully vaccinated. In addition, faculty and staff must show proof of a booster by the first day of classes on January 19 or within seven days of eligibility.

Eligibility is defined as:

  • Five months after your Pfizer series or Moderna vaccination series
  • Two months after a J&J vaccination
  • If you are not yet eligible, you must receive your booster as soon as you are eligible and submit documentation within seven days.

(Fully remote faculty who only teach online programs do not need to upload their cards.)


  • Please click here to upload your vaccine card.
  • Log in using your email username (without the and your email password.
  • You can also log in via Self-Service Center
    • Go to the “Employee” Tab
    • The last option on the page says “upload COVID Vaccine Card”
    • Then Log in using your email username (without the and your email password
  • This short video will demonstrate how to upload your vaccine card.
  • Please note that Health Portal is a secure University of Hartford owned site, operated by Health Services. Although Hartford Healthcare is our Health Services provider, PyraMed is University owned and on our internal server. This is not linked to your other medical records or MyChart accounts. All personal health information is secure.

Contact ITS by:

  • Visiting CC 117
  • Calling ext. 4357
  • Emailing
  • Do no share any health information—this is strictly a technical support center
    *Please do not contact Health Services unless it concerns the vaccine or questions about its efficacy. They cannot troubleshoot technical issues.

New employees can apply for an exemption by contacting

Access to Campus

Health Screenings

All unvaccinated community members are asked to complete LiveSafe when accessing campus. Visitors, guests, and approved contractors/vendors should also complete LiveSafe when entering campus regardless of vaccination status. Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should also complete LiveSafe.  


Technology Resources for Employees

ITS Assistance

Information Technology Services will remain open and can help with the transition to remote work.

Need assistance? Make an appointment. 

The University of Hartford continues to add technology resources, user guidelines, and best practices to assist faculty and staff working remotely. 

Resources include:
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • How to access your desktop from home
  • Out-of-office email guidelines
  • Web conferencing tools

Employee Assistance Program

We have temporarily extended the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) coverage with The Lexington Group from 6 to 8 counseling sessions. We are especially mindful that as we come together to confront the challenges placed upon us by COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees is paramount. The Lexington Group is available 24/7 for help with any personal problem. 

You can contact The Lexington Group for counseling relating to depression, and/or stress surrounding the current pandemic. 

Contact The Lexington Group
Referral Services
  • Financial 
  • Community Resources 
  • Legal 
  • Child Care 
  • Local Department of Public Health Coronavirus Resources

Health and Wellness Resources

Make Your Home Desk Ergonomically Correct and Comfortable

As you settle in to remote working, make sure your work space is set up to not cause you pain. Watch a helpful video.