Honors Program Student Experience

Take the challenge. Push your boundaries.

We’re proud to offer our students new opportunities to excel, to reach higher, and to achieve more during their time at UHart. We want students to explore a program that pushes your boundaries, keeping you engaged, immersed, and invested. That’s why our Honors Program is designed to challenge high-achieving students, fueling your thirst for knowledge through intellectually stimulating courses, interdisciplinary seminars, and senior projects that are supported by exceptional faculty as their mentors and guides. Regardless of your path, our Honors Program aligns with each school and college so that students can further their passion. 

The Honors Program offers a wonderful opportunity to make the most out of your college experience. You will develop relationships with like-minded students and terrific faculty members who will challenge you to do your best work. You will have opportunities to take a 'deep dive' into topics that you care about and are aligned with your major. The experiences that you have in the Honors Program will set you apart when applying for jobs or graduate programs."

Claudia E. Oakes, PhD, University Honors Program Director

Dawson Atkin

Composition, 2022

As a composition major, the most meaningful aspect of the Honors Program was the opportunity to write, cast, and produce an original musical, Escaping Eden: A New Folk Musical. The process allowed Dawson to develop many real-world skills that can be used as they continue to write and produce their own works. Dawson was selected to present their work at the Northeast Regional Honors Conference in Philadelphia.

The Honors Program has prepared me for the future by helping me create artistic works that I will use in my professional career as a composer to market myself and my abilities. Following graduation, I am moving to New York City, and I will use the work I've done on Escaping Eden to apply for workshops, readings, and grad school."

Dana Brooks

Criminal Justice, 2022

Upon graduation, Dana Brooks plans to attend law school to become a criminal defense lawyer. An Honors student pursuing a major in criminal justice and minors in sociology and Spanish, Dana wants to work to reform the criminal justice system, particularly with regard to how it impacts marginalized and oppressed people. Her Senior Project was titled Perceptions of Zero-Tolerance Policies in High Schools.


The Honors Program allowed me to develop my academic writing skills through Honors writing-intensive courses. In addition, the Honors Program enhanced my oral presentation skills through practice with Northeast Regional Honors Council, the Honors Colloquium, and the Honors Defense; I often use this experience when presenting research at my internships! I was provided with the opportunity to have smaller class sizes, develop critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills, and study a topic that I am passionate about. I am now able to use my Honors thesis as material to show I have done research and studies in my field and I believe this was a big factor in my acceptance to law school!"

Thomas Goolsby

Computer Science, 2022

Thomas is a Computer Science major with minors in Data Science, Mathematics, and Multimedia Web Design. His senior project, titled Evaluating Fairness in Prospective Public Funding Algorithms Using Domain Knowledge and Equity Analyses allowed him to to explore the interactions between computer science and data science. Thomas is currently working at Travelers as a Data Engineer. 

Every honors course I have taken has propelled my thinking in a new and exciting direction, not only in my individual studies, but also generally as a human."

Kim Ly

Illustration, 2022

Kim Ly '22 is an Illustration major with minors in Animation and Art History. Kim presented her Honors senior project Connections Through Storytelling: Reimagining With Illustration at the Northeast Regional Honors Conference with her peers. This experience helped her to grow as an artist and to create stronger artwork.


The most meaningful aspect of the Honors Program for me was encouraging me to push past my comfort zone. You work with your professors throughout the semester on work you propose yourself. Not only did I form closer connections with professors who supported me and helped me find opportunities, it fostered independence and self-direction which in turn boosted my confidence in myself."