Honors Program Student Experience

Take the challenge. Push your boundaries.

We’re proud to offer our students new opportunities to excel, to reach higher, and to achieve more during their time at UHart. We want students to explore a program that pushes your boundaries, keeping you engaged, immersed, and invested. That’s why our Honors Program is designed to challenge high-achieving students, fueling your thirst for knowledge through intellectually stimulating courses, interdisciplinary seminars, and senior projects that are supported by exceptional faculty as their mentors and guides. Regardless of your path, our Honors Program aligns with each school and college so that students can further their passion. 

The Honors Program offers a wonderful opportunity to make the most out of your college experience. You will develop relationships with like-minded students and terrific faculty members who will challenge you to do your best work. You will have opportunities to take a 'deep dive' into topics that you care about and are aligned with your major. The experiences that you have in the Honors Program will set you apart when applying for jobs or graduate programs."

Claudia E. Oakes, PhD, University Honors Program Director

Sierra Farrell

Business Analytics & Managerial Economics, Risk Management and Insurance, BSBA '23 MBA '24

Sierra has found the most meaningful aspect of the Honors Program to be the connections she was able to make with her peers and teachers, as well as the mentorship opportunities she had as a result of the program. Through her Senior Honors Research Project Is Medicaid Working? Studying the Effects of Increased Medicaid Rollout on Organ Need, and her opportunities outside of the classroom, she was able to use those experiences in her job interviews. 

The Honors Program allowed me to develop a deep and well-rounded knowledge of my career field and helped me to standout as an applicant."

I think committing to a thesis in the Honors program prepares you a lot for lengthier academic research. Personally, knowing I wanted to go to get my masters, doing the thesis made me a unique candidate because of all the skills you gain throughout the writing process. From getting IRB approval to going to Ghana in person to conduct field research—I honed valuable writing and researching skills that I will use in my post graduate studies."

Benedicta (Benie) Kwarteng '23, Thesis: The Complexities of Formalizing Ghana’s Informal Economy: A Case Study on Bogoso Market

Colin Larkin

Health Sciences - Pre-Professional - Pre-Med, 2023

Colin was able to take a deep dive into topics that were of interest to him while having faculty support and guided research. Colin's thesis, The Potential Role of Hydration in Blood Coagulation Resilience, was presented at two different conferences.

The Honors Program is very low stress with high rewards. The faculty are here to support your endeavors and establish realistic expectations with you of what can be accomplished."

I feel that the Honors Program has allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone and has challenged me to do things I wouldn't otherwise have done. It has also helped to build my leadership skills, which I hope to take with me in my future career."

Sabrina Vaillancourt '23, Senior Project: Impact of Semantic Relatedness and Imagery on Memory Recall

Omario Ricketts

Biology, 2023

As a pre-med student with an interest in medical research, Ricketts hit the ground running and was able to accomplish a lot of great things in his time at UHart and in the Honors Program. When not in the classroom learning, you could find him serving as a laboratory instructor, a tutor for general and organic chemistry, and a student ambassador. In the Honors Program, his senior Honors Research Project The Influences of Climate Change and Vibrio Parahaemolyticus on Crassostrea Virginia (Eastern Oyster), allowed him the opportunity to collaborate with both his advisor and professors to build the project from scratch through results. Through the Honors program, he was exposed to activities that are common to his field of interest including conferences and design competitions which gave him an early opportunity for first-hand exposure prior to graduation. 

Omario was the 2023 recipient of the Belle K. Ribicoff Prize

The Honors Program opens the door to be more engaged in your classes and area of study."

The most meaningful aspect of the Honors Program was the opportunity to explore topics that are important to me but not necessarily directly a part of my course material. I also was able to build connections with faculty members and scholars that I otherwise would not have met, but had the chance to due to the research and presentations I did as part of my project. The Honors Program prepared me for my future by sparking an interest in advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights in medical spaces as well as allowing me to academically push myself, which has prepared me for applying for graduate programs."

Kai Hobbs '23 Respiratory Therapy, Senior Project: Improving the Cultural Competence of Healthcare Providers in Serving Transgender Patients