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Tap into the numerous cultural and sporting events on this vibrant campus. Browse our course offerings and dive into the life of the mind with us.

Upcoming Presidents' College Events

The Silent Book Club

Join the Presidents' College and Alumni Engagement at Harrison Libraries for The Silent Book Club, a.k.a., The Introvert's Happy Hour. No pressure to say something profound. Just bring a favorite book. And perhaps a favorite friend?

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Partisans and Resistance: The Freedom Fighters of Holocaust History

New York Times best-selling author and West Hartford native, Rebecca Frankel, recounts history – the bravery, resilience, comradeship, and secret networks of resistance in World War II Poland – that were, and remain, inspiring as forces that fought tyranny.

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Finding Zora Neale Hurston: Then and Now

Ground-breaking 20th century author Zora Neale Hurston is best known for her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, an American classic read in high schools, colleges and book clubs across the country. But there are many other “Zora”s to find, among them, the ethnographer and social commentator. We invite you to meet these “Zora”s with sociologist Lucy Anne Hurston, Hurston’s niece, as your guide. Bringing her trained eye to her aunt’s nonfiction, she will get us talking about the important question: how and why might Hurston’s writing still speak to us today?

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Catherine Banbury

The Presidents' College is so grateful to our many volunteers who help make each of our events successful. 

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of a few beloved subjects or seek a new intellectual journey, the Presidents’ College is intellectually stimulating, enlightening, fun, and collegial.

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