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Hillyer's Summer Bridge Program

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Summer Bridge is a free program that gives Hillyer College students a head start before the fall semester begins! You become familiar with campus, meet your classmates, take math or writing classes, and participate in social events!

Why Summer Bridge?

Our research shows that students acclimate to their college life much faster when they participate in our Summer Bridge program. You select your academic discipline (Writing or Math) and participate in a one-week intensive experience, while you receive an introduction to collegiate study skills. This gives you a jump start as you gain an understanding of the ways a student is more likely to be successful in college.

Plus, you’ll meet other students, giving you a confident and welcoming start to the semester!

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who participate in a Summer Bridge program do better in their first semester. It makes sense because you’ll already know other students, some of the faculty and the campus will already feel like home.
You attend your writing or math class in the morning and following lunch, you have a class in collegiate study skills. Topics include time management, collegiate note taking, mindfulness, and reduction of anxiety. The afternoon can introduce you to people and places of the University, as well as planned off-campus opportunities to meet leaders in the region. We have visited art museums, attended baseball games, and more as a way of introducing you to the area.  Your evenings are built around group activities, both on and off campus.

Ask yourself, “which am I better at?” Then, pick the other area. Students who are strong in math, should take writing. Students who are strong in writing, should take math.

Summer Bridge classes are taught by the faculty of the College. Writing is taught by Professors Leslie Johnson and Maria Johnson. Math is taught by Professor Peggy Beauregard. Their skills are not just in the academic area. They understand that students finding comfort with their new surroundings are more likely to be successful across the entire semester.

Each academic class will also have a coach/mentor. These are students who graduated from Hillyer and are now juniors or seniors at the University. They have been where you are and understand what it means to start college and successfully navigate through it.

Yes, you will move in to your dorm, so you need to bring everything you need to start the semester.

Commuter students are a welcome part of the Summer Bridge program. The only difference is that you will live at home and commute into campus each day of the program.  Commuter students have always been an integral part of the Summer Bridge program.

You don’t have to pay anything to attend. Programs like this at other institutions cost around $1,000 for the week. The Hillyer College alumni have made gifts for the specific purpose of covering all your costs for the week. 

There are so many reasons why I am thankful for being able to attend Summer Bridge. It gave me the opportunity to connect with others in my classes and also connect with professors.

Larraine Casey, '22

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