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25Live Common Questions

Many answers to questions that we receive about calendars or scheduling events are below.

What is 25Live?

25Live is the only approved event management system used by the University of Hartford to reserve space and add events to UHart web calendars. It should be your central source to view event information and help coordinate all your event needs.

Who has access to use 25Live? 

Any person with a Hawkmail username can view information within 25Live. However, only approved students, student clubs, and faculty and staff will be able to request locations and resources, and schedule events in 25Live. To become an approved requestor please fill out this form Once approved you will be invited to a training session. 

How do I access 25Live?

You may access 25Live by going to and logging in using your Hawkmail username and email.

My Login Does Not Work?

There are multiple reasons why your login may not be working, with the most common being username or password error. Try signing in without, or resetting your password.

What is the process of getting an event on a University Calendar?

To have an event listed on one of our many University-wide calendars you will need to use 25Live. This system is designed so that you can easily view availability of spaces and submit an event all in one location. Once completed, your request will automatically be sent to the scheduler who coordinates the space being requested and to the Office of Marketing and Communication for final approval to be displayed on a web calendar.

I Signed In. Why Can’t I Request Anything?

Only approved users who are able to request events. To become an approved user, please fill out this approval form. It may take up two to three business days for your approval to take effect. You will receive confirmation once your account has been approved.

Is There Training for 25Live? 

Yes, there is training for 25Live. Once you receive approval, an invitation for training will be sent you.

How do I create an event?

Do I need a description for my Event? 

If you’d like your event to appear on a University Calendar, it must have an event description. The description field is required on most requests. The Office of Marketing and Communication holds the right to edit description of the event based on appropriateness, content, grammar and/or length.

How far in advance can I reserve spaces on campus?

Academic Buildings including General Purpose Classrooms – Room Requests can only be made for the current semester. 

Student Centers Facilities – Request for spaces for large scale events within the Student Centers Facilities are accepted one semester in advance.

Fuller Music Center/Handel Performing Arts Center – Requests can be submitted for the current semester, except for the following: Curricular Recitals, Performances, Required Recitals, and events in Non-Academic Classrooms. More information about Hartt specific policies can be found in Blackboard.

Please note, the 25live System does not take same day requests.

Can I simply call or email a scheduler to schedule an event or meeting? 

No. All requests for events and meetings must be submitted through 25Live. 25Live is the only approved protocol of requesting events at the University of Hartford.

Are there any campus services that can assist with media technology set up and event recording?

Yes. Fill out the media request form by going to the Media Technology Services website.

When will I receive a confirmation or notification that my event is confirmed?

For large scale or special events, please allow up to 5–7 business days for processing. For smaller events, such as a meeting, please allow 2–3 business days for processing.

Will I be notified if my event is denied?

A Scheduler will email you if your event is denied.

Can I publicize an event after I make a request?

Please wait to receive a confirmation email that your space/event has been confirmed before publicizing your event on social media or making posters. Only confirmed events will show on the University Calendar.

Why is my event not on any University Calendar?

Only confirmed events will show on any University Calendar. Please make sure you have confirmed all the details of your event with a Scheduler.

How do I change or cancel my event? 

Once the space is confirmed, you will receive an email from the scheduler. This confirmation will contain a unique event reservation number. Please use this number to cancel or change your event with the scheduler.

  • Change – Reply back with changes.
  • CANCEL – Reply with CANCEL in the Subject Line of the Email.

To Change/Cancel your event within the Student Centers Facilities, please complete the Event Change/Cancellation Form