Submit an Event

25Live is the only approved event management system used by the University of Hartford to reserve space and add events to UHart web calendars. It should be your central source to view event information and help coordinate all your event needs. You will have to use 25live to both schedule your event(s) and list them on one, or many, of the University Calendars. Departments that have been reserving campus space using 3rd party software such Outlook or Google Calendars should contact

Any person with a Hawkmail account can login and view information within 25Live. However, only approved students, student clubs, faculty and staff will be able to request locations and resources, and schedule events in 25Live. If you would like to get started you can use the steps below.

  1. Become an authorized 25Live user
  2. Attend training. Training details will be provided after authorization has been granted.
  3. Begin using 25live to reserve space and request events.
    • A detailed description is required for all events marked to go on UHart's online calendar(s). What is a good description? See dos and don'ts.
  4. Once events are approved, consider promoting it in UNotes