Blackboard Course Requests Forms

Course Sites: All academic Blackboard course sites are created automatically 60 days in advance of the first day of the term, using the course listing information in the Banner system. Instructors who wish to combine multiple course sections into one course must use the multiple section request form.

NOTE: In order to access courses, instructor assignments must be registered in the Banner system. If you need help getting listed in Banner, please contact the Registrar's Office at 860.768.4594.

Faculty Blackboard Support:
(860) 768-4661 |

Student Blackboard Support:
(860) 768-4636 | E-mail | File a ticket

Course Information

Use this link only if you are an instructor who needs a Blackboard course for purposes such as departmental communication, a committee, or organization.

Course Request

New course sites are empty and instructors have the choice of adding new content, or selectively copying forward content from their previous Blackboard courses themselves.

 Blackboard Course Self-Copy Instructions

Students will be enrolled into courses when the courses are first created. However, the courses will be "unavailable" to students (hidden from students but accessible to the instructor). Instructors must change the setting when they are ready for students to access the course.

Use this link if you are an instructor teaching multiple sections of the same course and you wish to have one Blackboard course with several sections enrolled into it. Be sure to specify all course reference numbers (CRNs) accurately within the "CRN" section of the form. Should you change your mind, the automatically created individual sections will still be available to you. However, instructors must be sure any unused course sites are set to be "unavailable" to their students. A link to instructions for doing so may be accessed under the New Course section above.

If you have a course that is no longer current and has been archived and would like to bring it back, we can copy it into a current course or sandbox course.  Note that archived courses do not contain user data, grades, etc. They are backups of content only.

Request Course Content from Archive

Use this link only if you have a very large course to copy (large courses pose technical difficulties for self-copying), or if the course you wish to copy is no longer active on Blackboard.

In Blackboard, instructors can copy their own course materials. This allows the instructor to selectively copy just those materials they need, when they need them. When FCLD copies a course, all course content is copied and it may not be done for a day or two depending on the time of academic year. Instructions for self-copying are here: Course Copy Instructions.

Request a Full Course be Copied