Multi-section Course Request Form

Use this if you plan to combine multiple sections of the same course into one Blackboard course site. Be sure to specify all course reference numbers (CRNs) accurately within the "CRN" section of the form. Remember that individual sections of the course are also being created automatically. If you are not going to use them, be sure these unused course sites are set to be "unavailable" to your students. A link to instructions for doing so may be accessed below.

NOTE: The new term's course site will be empty and will not contain any copied content. Instructors now have the choice of adding new content, or selectively copying forward content from their previous Blackboard courses themselves using the instructions link below.

Blackboard Course Self-Copy Instructions Copying Individual Items or Files to another Blackboard Course (PDF).

Request a Course Be Copied: Use the Request Course Copy Form (to be linked) if you would like to have all course content from a previous term copied into your new course for you, if you have a very large course to copy (large courses pose technical difficulties for self-copying), or if the course you wish to copy is no longer active on Blackboard.

NOTE: You must be listed as the assigned instructor in Banner for the new course before we can copy course content into your Blackboard course for you. If you need help to become listed in Banner, please contact the Registrar's Office at 860.768.4594.

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