Donor Spotlight: Mary Grill Murphy M'80

I believe in "paying it forward" so, in appreciation for the donors who made it possible for me to study, I do my small part to make it possible for someone else like me."

Mary Grill Murphy M'80,

Mary Grill Murphy earned an MBA in finance from the Barney School of Business in 1980. She has extensive experience in commercial banking and is currently retired from her previous role as senior vice president at Liberty Bank. Mary remains active in various volunteer leadership roles, in financial education, and in community affairs, and also stays connected to UHart by giving back.

Thank you for supporting the University of Hartford. Can you tell us what inspires you to give?

Gratitude. I have a happy and successful life with a lot of blessings and many good friends. I'm grateful for the opportunities opened to me as a result of my education.

I was very fortunate to be able to study for an advanced degree with the financial support of my employer and to obtain my undergraduate degree with scholarship support as well. I believe in "paying it forward" so, in appreciation for the donors who made it possible for me to study, I do my small part to make it possible for someone else like me.

Why did you choose to attend the University of Hartford?

The Barney program was rich academically, and very flexible for a person who was working full time. There was also a high percentage of women and men who were in various stages of their careers and encouraged by their employers to develop themselves. I was surrounded by an inspiring cadre of colleagues.

What are your top three favorite things about the University?

This is hard—flexibility for sure, commitment to excellence, and sense of adventure. The University has grown substantially—but carefully—in the 35+ years since I attended.

What is the greatest lesson you learned while a student at UHart?

The power of our personal best. We can achieve great things when we commit to excellence, and those achievements stand whether the world recognizes them or not.

How have you stayed connected to the University over the years?

My earliest connection was with the entrepreneurial programs of the Hartford College for Women; I led some seminars in business finance in the early 80s. Since then, the attachment has been through the wonderful music and arts programs and the Presidents' College lectures.

What does UHart mean to you?

It means both a tool and a proof of achievement, not only for me personally, but for our greater community, the country, and the world. I am proud of and humbled by the great work that University alums are doing everywhere.

More about Mary:

I am retired from 39 years in commercial banking where I was awed by the entrepreneurship and service of my customers, and had the privilege to work with and develop some very smart and committed financial advisors. I currently serve as a director of Community Investment Corporation (CIC), a community development corporation that lends to small businesses and start-ups in Connecticut and Rhode Island; as a trustee of Klingberg Family Centers, which serves children and families with special education, counseling, foster care, and adoption services; and as finance chair of St. Katharine Drexel Parish in New Britain. I love to be outdoors cycling and snow-shoeing (according to the weather!); I am improving my knitting and cooking skills and enjoy the company of seven nephews, nieces and respective spouses, and five grandnieces and nephews who are smart, funny, and committed to putting their stamp on the world.

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