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FY22 Impact Report
FY21 Impact Report

The generosity of the UHart community made a difference more than ever in Fiscal Year 2022. See your impact.

Our donors are some of the University's greatest advocates, promoting our values, supporting our mission, and making UHart a force for good in our world. Here, we highlight some of our generous donors who support students and the future of the University of Hartford through their generous gifts. If you would like to share why you support UHart's students, please let us know.

Gladys Dunn '60 and Robert Dunn

Gladys Dunn '60 and Robert Dunn

As a world traveler, educator, and global citizen, Gladys Dunn ’60 was ahead of her time. She and her husband, Robert, believed that true exploration extended far beyond the sights and sounds of new places; it meant immersing themselves in unfamiliar places and new cultures. Driven by their desire to provide even more students with the same life-changing experiences they found abroad, the Dunns created a legacy which will have a lasting impact on UHart students for generations to come.

Edward Friedman, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor Edward Friedman
Edward Friedman's career at the University of Hartford spanned nearly four decades but his overall commitment extended well beyond the classroom. He lived the University's mission everyday, and one of his most cherished acts of kindess, the Professor Edward L. Friedman Endowed Scholarship Fund, has benefited dozens of CETA students and will continue to do so for perpetuity.

Nicole Pielli '12

Nicole Pielli '12 with family

"The sustainability of our children's dreams is paramount. I am a mentor, a mother, and a former student who would have never stood a chance without the monetary support and mentorship of others, including generous alumni. With that in mind, each year I give what I can to the University."

Raquel Brown Walker '05

Raquel Brown Walker '04
"[My parents] did not have the opportunity to go to college and spent much of their time working to support our family. I support the University annually because there are individuals in similar situations that have the motivation to obtain a degree but need additional support. Thanks to the University, I had the opportunity to graduate college without a huge financial burden."

Jacob Cross '04

Jacob Cross
"I received a scholarship to attend the University of Hartford, and I wanted to help enable current and future students to pursue their education at Hartford as well. I want to help them experience and learn from the same experiences I had."

Irmgard Klee '82 and Otmar Klee '67

Otmar and Irmgard Klee
“The University of Hartford meant a chance for me to finally get that degree that I wanted since finishing high school. For Otmar, without the degree, he would never have risen from punch card sorter to VP in data processing. It opened up all kinds of horizons for him.

Mary Grill Murphy M'80

Mary Grill Murphy M'80
"I believe in "paying it forward" so in appreciation for the donors who made it possible for me to study, I do my small part to make it possible for some one else like me."

Dick Belkin '56 and Sherry Belkin

Dick and Sherry Belkin
When Dick Belkin graduated from Hillyer College in 1956, he couldn't have imagined the path his life would take. After high school, he didn't immediately have the funds to attend college but with the help of scholarship aid, completed his degree. "I promised myself that if I ever made a buck, I would give them back the money."
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