Robin Sahner ‘76

Consecutive years giving: 12

Robin Sahner
Robin Sahner

Attending the University of Hartford was transformational in many ways for Robin Sahner—in fact, it changed the direction of her career entirely.

Robin began her academic journey as a student at the Hartt School of Music, initially envisioning a career as a music teacher. Eventually, her aspirations evolved, leading her to switch to the College of Arts and Sciences, with a focus on mathematics. After graduating in 1976, Robin achieved career success as a software engineer, working for prominent companies like Motorola and Yahoo in the field of big data technology.

As an alumna, Robin remained connected with the University through its newsletters and was particularly drawn to UHart’s commitment to community outreach. It was values like these that inspired Robin to become a loyal donor to the causes that resonate most with her, like scholarship support.

“UHart students are dedicated to contributing to society in practical and meaningful ways,” she says. “Supporting individuals pursuing both essential, everyday professions and those advancing state-of-the-art technology across various fields brings me a sense of fulfillment.”

Reflecting on the rising cost of higher education, and the financial burden many students are facing today, Robin feels fortunate to have had her tuition covered while in school, but understands that isn’t something many students can rely on.

I believe that all children of the world are our collective responsibility. This is our chance to pay it forward and demonstrate the impact of assisting young individuals in getting a head start in life.

Robin Sahner, Class of 1976