The Rosen Society Members

As of Summer 2022

Anonymous (39)
Wendy Aarons-Corman '86, M'90, M'20
Beth A. and Howard Abend
Arlene and Lawrence Abrams '79
Mark L. Abrams '68
Jane E. Abts M'78 and Richard Abts
Ben C. Accardo '12
Christine E. and Michael P. Adams
Justus J. Addiss
Darrell A. Adler '96
Deanna and Akintokunbo Akinbajo
Donna Manns Albert A'89
Barbara J. Alex '78
Leslie A. Alexander
Nancy B. Alisberg and Michael Albano
Sharon W. and Donald Allan Sr. '70, P'86
Ghada M. and Hisham Alnajjar
Charles J. Alpert '73, M'76
Frances A. Altvater and Edward C. Bernstein
Felicia and Dr. Kenneth N. Anchor P'00
Lisa M. Andersen '05, M'08
Elizabeth F. and John S. Anderson
Barbara W. and Raymond S. Andrews Jr.
Laurel and Raymond E. Andrews M'83
Teresa P. Anello A'85 (HCW) and Salvatore T. Anello
Daniel E. Aramini
Janet D. Arnold M'65
Fatima and Ronald Ash P'21
Dr. Randi Ashton-Pritting M'98, D'03, and William L. Pritting
Amy and Anthony F. Assante '91, M'93
Mary Aubin G'12 and Arthur W. Aubin Sr. '69, G'12
Johanna S. Audolensky M'86
Jean Augeri '79 and Jack Augeri
Barbara J. and Louis J. Auletta Sr. C'58, G'16
Melinda L. and Chad K. Austein '03
Patricia A. Auten M'87, P'00, '02, and Arthur H. Auten P'00, '02
Mary L. Babbitt '72
Dr. Ninette Babineau '55
Michael Baca
Ann Ishaya Bachand '58 and Norman R. Bachand '58
Dr. Romeo T. Bachand '65
Judith and Howard C. Bailey '84
Rodney B. Bailey '78
Peter Bakker
Kenneth J. Ballette M'76
Mary A. and Linas M. Banevicius '83
Catherine A. and Scott A. Bannell M'87
Deborah and Dr. John Barcellona '69
Diana Royce Barnard A'68 (HCW)
Richard P. Barnhart M'82
Nancy and Marty Baron '79
Lynn and Mark Baronas P'17
Nancy Kinsley Barrett A'57 (HCW) and Thomas R. Barrett
Sarah Barrett
James R. Barry '80
Dr. Jane M. Barstow and Norman B. Barstow M'77
Barbara R. and Eugene F. Bartos '70
Candace and Kedric Bartsch '80
Katherine and Bill Barz
Amy E. Jaffe Barzach P'21 and Peter Barzach P'21
Becky A. and Ronald L. Basile A'68, '72
Sandra Bassow M'89 and Leon Z. Bassow
Andrea and Dr. Alan C. Baum P'95
Melanie Bazer A'89 (HCW)
Patrick H. Bean A'04, '04
Lawrence M. Bearse
Mary S. and Norbert H. Beauchemin A'63, '67
Allison and Neil Becker '99
Joanne E. Beers A'72 (HCW) and Earl C. Cree II
Robert J. Begley '74
Kathleen Behrens '85 and Gerald A. O'Reilly
Esther L. Beierle M'65 and John M. Beierle
Diana R. and John M. Belbruno P'06
Margaret C. and Jonathan C. Belden '66
Jeannette Belfield M'78, M'01
Janet E. Bellinger '72, M'80
Esther Fishbane Beloff '76 and Alan W. Beloff
Lorette L. Belval
Arleen A. Belval '75, M'96
Elaine A. and Jeffrey S. Bemis '91
Dr. Mark D. Benigni M'96, D'01
Jill L. Bennett M'81 and Robert L. Bennett
Anthony Benvenuto
Bonnie S. Bercowetz and Paul L. Klopp
Susan Levin Bergman C'90 (HCW) and Bruce E. Bergman '66
Alan H. Bergren M'77
Lisa A. and Robert C. Berman P'21
Daniel E. Berman '57
Jean M. and Edward C. Bernier
Estelle W. and Dr. Abraham Bernstein
Tina J. and Christopher K. Berrien P'22
Kathryn and Mark D. Berube '01
Linda Parsons Berube P'06
Gerard A. Berube A'68, P'06
Sherrill F. and William Betterini '72
Tina M. and Edward S. Beyer '87
Wayne F. Bidwell
Maryann B. Birch P'13 and Joseph A. Birch
Mona C. and Melvyn R. Bird A'61, '65
Paul P. Bisaccia '78
Elizabeth A. and John H. Bischoff
Phyllis S. and James W. Bixler
Katherine A. Black
Karen Carlson Blaha '67
Jacqueline C. and Francis J. Blesso M'68
Carolyn Reibling Bligh '87
Diane C. and Richard E. Blomstrann '78
Catherine Gallo and Jeffrey M. Blumenthal '81
Frances Finesilver Blumenthal C'60 (HCW), '62
Chris-Michael Boccia '98
Mary A. Bogucki '80
Kathy A. and Keith J. Boi '75
Angela M. Bolduc P'13
Marcia M. Bollard
Barbara and Richard H. Booth '69, M'77, Hon. '05
Ashley Sterling and Bryan P. Boppert '02
Brian P. Boratko '83
Dorothy Bosch Keller '62, M'63
Kaitlin R. Bosetti '17, M'19
Jennifer S. and Dr. David R. Bosso M'04
Karin and Timothy J. Boucher A'90, '92
Gary M. Boukus M'69, C'74
Lori Poggi Bourret '81 and Robert L. Bourret Sr.
Allen R. Boyce
Caren and Ben Boylan
Kathy and Brendan P. Boyle
Mary Kate Finn Brand '04, M'14, and Paul M. Brand '02, '02
Rebecca W. and Todd M. Brandt '97
Sharon L. Bristol
Sheelah Britt '64
Tracy Holsworth Broomer and Samuel T. Broomer M'97, M'99
Barbara E. Brown M'93 and Dr. David L. Brown
Grace F. and Richard D. Brown '59
Nannie W. T. and Daniel P. Brown Jr.
Stillman B. Brown Hon. '90
Gregory Brown
Elizabeth Brown Garon '70 and Paul A. Garon
Abigail J. and Stephen D. Bruce M'70
Sandra Bruggemann A'89 (HCW), P'87
Barbara B. and David E. Brunelle '70
Janet and Robert B. Bruner
Valerie J. Bryan
Ruth S. and Stearns J. Bryant Jr. '65
Elizabeth and Peter S. Brzezicki M'80
Mary G. and Edward H. Budd
Barbara C. Buddington M'88 and David W. Buddington
Sara and Jeffery R. Buell M'80
Inga H. Buhrmann
Rose M. and Joseph A. Buonagurio
Frank A. Buongervino Jr.
Sheila and Peter Burbank P'04
James T. Burger Jr. '73
Ann Burke
Sara and Leonard Burnham '71
Victoria J. and Thomas R. Burns
Michael H. Bzullak M'84

Christine LaGier Cairns and Michael I. Cairns '83
Patricia D. and James D. Cairns
Jeanne and Peter J. Calamore '58
Amy Calder '82
Olive P. and Maurice G. Campbell P'21
Ruth and Craig A. Campbell M'17, P'22
Diane T. and George J. Campeau Jr.
Jacquelyn P. Campion '82
Judith Stephens Cantwell and Nathan M. Cantwell
James T. Carden A'87, '89
P. Lucy and Richard J. Cardin '62
Katherine M. and Domenick L. Cardinale
Judith A. Carey '91
Mary Beth Carey M'87
Ingrid E. and Richard J. Carlo M'83
Lynn P. Carmichael M'94 and Clark S. Carmichael
Patricia A. Carney
Lisa G. and Robert J. Carr '93
Samantha C. Carr '17, M'19
Nathaniel J. Carr '21
Jennifer E. Carr '19, P'17, '21
Deborah Starr Conklin and Michael J. Carroll
Dr. Barbara D. Bartlik '77 and David S. Carroll
Margaret Pergola Carroll '80
Cecilia Carta '00
Elizabeth Casorio
Laurie and Joseph T. Castello '71
Michaela A. Catallozzi '11
Thomas W. Catucci '68
Linda D. Cavanaugh M'72, P'02, and James P. Cavanaugh Jr. '68, M'80, P'02
Marka L. and Perstein R. Cave M'81
Nadine Cedro
Joni W. and Dr. Robert D. Celmer '78
Joann Cephas
Dr. Catherine M. Certo
Yvette C. and A. Donald Champagne '59
Lyn Channey
Donald R. Charlamb M'75
Jalil D. Charles '17
Helene K. and William F. Chase '67
Sandra M. Chase '12, M'84, and Arnold L. Chase
Rhoda Chase
Jianmin Sun and Dehua Chen '94, M'94
Barry Chernoff
Heidi Heap-Chester and Dr. George G. Chester M'68
Adam M. Chiara
Ellen Childs
Valerie J. Chisholm '78
Alisa H. and Martin P. Chotiner M'84
Dr. Caryn Christensen
Lisa Christensen Petersen A'76 (HCW)
Francine E. and Stephan L. Christiansen
Michael J. Chudecki '02
Dr. Mark C. Churchill D'87
Christine Ciccone '73 and Peter B. Waite  '73
Alex D. Cielo
Dr. Lauren Schack Clark '87 and Dale Clark
Heidi L. Clark Art Dipl '94 and Mitchell Goldfeld
Susan B. and Brian Clemow
Sandra R. and Michael A. Clifford P'18
Donald S. Cohan '63
Andrea J. Scafuri and Dr. Jeffrey Cohen
Janet and Howard J. Cohen '84
Naomi K. Cohen M'97 and Michael N. Cohen
Dr. Martin S. Cohen P'96
Linda Avseev Cohn A'69 (HCW) and Henry S. Cohn
Donna M. and Christopher A. Cole '93
Dr. William H. Coleman
Lori A. Postemski '90, M'12, and Keith G. Collins
Elaine K. and Harold L. Colvocoresses Jr. M'78, M'82, M'91
Lorraine F. and Joseph R. Comparato M'84
Nancy Snow Compton A'55 (HCW) and Ronald E. Compton
Joyce Jordan and David H. Conant Jr. '61
Sandra A. Cone M'69 and Michael B. Cone
Mary Connelly Pereira
Thomas Connolly
James R. Connors '84
Michele W. and Halsey M. Cook
Matthew C. Cooke '10
Cynthia and Martin Cooper
Jane K. Coppa
Carol A. Coppa '81, P'16, '17
Heather J. Corbett and Todd Bamford
Abigail E. Adams and Christopher J. Corcoran
Karleen L. and Peter R. Cordeau M'09
Donald J. Corkum C'54
Fredericka A. and David A. Cormier
Sarah W. M. and Jamison S. Cormier A'00, '00
Margaret Curtis Cornely A'72 (HCW) and Capt. Edward Cornely (Ret)
Ann Costello
Suzanne M. Cottone '88 and Thomas M. Ford
Michelle C. Cotugno
Alexandra Morley Coury '08, M'10, and John D. Coury '08
Rosanna A. Coyne '87 and Patrick J. Coyne
Cheri R. and Dr. Steven T. Crew P'06
David J. Crockett Jr. '82
Ruth G. and Elliott R. Croll '78, M'86
Leslie A. and Matthew A. Cromie
Caleb Cross
Doreen and Thomas F. Crowe Jr. M'79
Courtney E. Culler '11, M'14
Marco Cupolo
Francis B. Cutting
Patricia A. and David J. Cyr
Elaine Baker D'Angelo '79 and Paul J. D'Angelo
Patricia Mahon '20, P'16, and Andrew D. Daigle  P'16
Martha G. and Richard C. Dale Jr. M'93
Dr. Richard J. Dalphin P'95
Kelly J. Daly '14 and Kevin R. Daly M'89
Susan Daly-Rouse '77 and Charles B. Rouse
Maria and Stephen A. Dalyai '61, A'09, '13
Teri A. and Scott D. Daniels '74
Bernice Daniels
Amy J. and James J. Danise '00, M'07
Diane F. Dann P'13
Nancy J. and Michael M. Darby '79
Judy and Robert F. Dauphinais
Dr. James C. Day '66
Rebecca and Loic S. De Kertanguy '69
Lavinia E. de Villier
Carol M. deBerry
Sandy and Gerard Decormier
Edythann Chiarizio DeFilippo M'70 and Martin C. DeFilippo C'62
Karen L. DeGrace
Elizabeth Degroat '83 and Stuart Simon
Carol and Peter J. Delaney
Daniel N. DeMaio M'12
Jaquelin G. Dennehy M'83
Mary Alice Dennehy
Florence Davio DeRose '63 and Peter L. DeRose
Alex P. DeVivo M'20 and Kyle DeVivo
Patricia Moran DeVivo '86, M'87, and Donald A. DeVivo '83, M'84
Joyce Powzyk and Stephen H. Devoto
Susan C. DiBella
Sharon Dickstein
Patricia Shields DiCosimo '69 and Joseph A. DiCosimo
Elizabeth DiFranceisco and David D. DiFranceisco P'21
Laura Dinan Haber '07 and Sean D. Haber
Mark R. DiOrio P'17
Michael J. Donoghue
Dr. Mary L. Donoghue M'78
Catherine Zitkus Dougan '82 and Christopher R. Dougan '84
Margaret Pearl Douglas and Dr. Montgomery B. Douglas '83
Joan M. and Bernard J. Dowd M'77
Dolores T. Drecq P'97, '00
Stephanie J. and Edward C. Drotar '64
David M. Drumm '72
Thomas S. Drumm P'03
Richard J. Dumler
Taniesha and Clive Duncan
Judith T. Durham M'98 and Thomas G. Durham
Jeanne DuVall M'59, C'71

Donna J. and Dale R. Easter
Lidia M. and Jonathan T. Easterbrook '87, M'90
Mary Rose Ebner M'69
Roberta S. Echelson M'84
Christine Eddy
Angela N. and Robert E. Egerton Jr. M'82
Teri L. Einfeldt
Jennifer K. and Peter Eio Hon. '09
Carol Schinto Elder M'79, P'08, and Crawford Elder P'08
Christopher Eldredge
Nora and Harold D. Elish P'12
Dr. Kathryn Swanson-Ellis M'06, D'14, and Richard G. Ellis M'06, Art Dipl '07
Marcia R. and Robert J. Ellis '72
Karen A. Ellsworth M'71
Charles R. Eltinge III
David Emerick
Bruce Emerick
Suzanne Emmons
Ann G. England M'61
Clara Espiefs '66
Diana E. and James F. Evans Jr. A'80, '85
Melanie Phillips Evans '82
Linda M. and Thomas J. Fagan P'12
Jeanne Barber Fahey '72 and M. Kevin Fahey Jr. '70, M'73
Colleen J. and Richard Fain P'02, Hon. '13
Lynn G. and Dr. James W. Fairfield-Sonn
Elise A. Falkin
Latanya R. Farrell M'97, M'98, and Dr. Jason K. Farrell D'14
Paul J. Farris
Laurie A. Fasciano '13, P'06, '12, and William E. Fasciano P'06, '12
James A. Fazio Jr. '83
Meagan O. Fazio M'16
Ashley Haller Fedigan '06, M'08
Susan P. and Dr. Stanley Fellman
M. Christine Felsing
Bruce Ferraris
Jean and Michael Festa
Kurtz A. Fichthorn '63
Lamar S. Fife M'93
Susan M. Filupeit A'67 (HCW)
Emily Finn
Beverly R. Finnicum M'94 and David J. Finnicum
Lauren B. Firtel and Adam Mirm
Casey M. Fish
Catherine Fisk Natale and George J. Natale
Jane B. and Peter M. Fitting '00
Susan S. Fitzgerald
Anne Craig Fitzgerald '77
Tracy L. Flater and Anthony J. Falcetti
John Flynn '86, M'89
Brenda B. Folland
Eileen M. and David G. Fontanella '67
Melinda S. Formica M'04
Linda A. and Robert H. Forrester '66, Hon. '17
Michael J. Franconi Jr. '68
Marion E. Frank
Heather L. Fraser '99
Jeanette and Victor G. Fraulo M'81
Dr. Kenneth I. Freedman M'04 and Steven B. Weiss
Richard Frieder
Dr. Bernard Z. Friedlander
Dr. Barry D. Friedman A'73, '76, '76
Richard H. Frisk A'60, '64
Raymond K. Fudge '72
Ann K. and Dominic Fulco III '81
William E. Fuller
Shirley M. Fulton

Martin B. Gabris '83
Carolyn M. and Dennis M. Gacioch M'06
Veena and Venkateswara R. Gade M'84
Jane Pfeiffer Gahan '74
Margaret W. Gair
Tracy Thompson Gale and John Q. Gale
Melanie and Dr. Malcolm Galen
Laurie and Gary Galica P'13
Patricia A. Gallagher '73
Martha Gallagher M'94
Teresa L. and Nicholas F. Galluccio '72
Lynn M. Galvin A'14, P'93
Katherine Gambacini '87
Nancy and Thomas P. Gannon '59
Carol and Mark A. Gantner '73
Ann Wegerbauer Garbiel '62
Rupeshwari Patel Gardner '85, '86, and Warren F. Gardner '86
Kathryn A. Gardow and David Bradlee
Sandi Sacksman Garfield '75 and Jeffrey B. Garfield
Elizabeth D. and Joel A. Gates '79
Marsha McLean Gaulin '82, P'18, and Leonard A. Gaulin P'18
Annette and Seymour Gavens
Diana M. and John M. Gavin Jr. M'80
Kathleen and James S. Gavin
Nancy Swift Gaynor '75 and Wayne M. Gaynor '74
Marjorie L. and Chester G. Gehman A'67
Eric Geigle
Jan Geist
Carol Stern Gendel A'67 (HCW)
Denise Gendron
Richard R. Gerard A'73
Pamela Getnick Mindell M'97
Segolene and Paolo V. Giacomoni P'10
Ann S. and Charles J. Giardino
Dr. Carole Gibson '72
Wendy Giddings P'13 and Robert E. Jensen Jr.
Donna R. and James A. Giger M'84, M'89
Lisa M. and Kevin Gillespie '75
Regina Ginotti A'73 (HCW)
 Traci M. Giovinazzo A'18, '20
Sharon B. Girard M'86 and Lawrence E. Girard Jr. '92
Rachel H. Girshick
Helen Daley Giunta A'76 (HCW), '79, and Joseph A. Giunta
Joy I. Glassman M'74 and Dr. Sidney B. Glassman
Deborah Abel Glazer '80 and Daniel L. Glazer '80
Lisa B. and William H. Glenn P'15
Mary Ann Godbout M'85 and Dr. Louis F. Godbout Jr.
Samantha S. and Michael T. Goemans '11, M'13
Kathleen C. and Michael S. Golas
Elizabeth Leigh Bradley and Dr. David H. Goldenberg A'73, '76, M'76
Francine L. and Robert B. Goldfarb
Julie Hurwitz Goldman and Ethan Goldman M'13
Marsha Indenbaum Goldstein '70 and Barry Goldstein
Megan B. and Jay H. Goldstein
Rhonda J. and Marc E. Goldstein P'10
Kayleen K. Goldstein
Dr. Allyn L. Golub '62
Kimberly K. Goodwin M'00 and Keith S. Goodwin
Danuta Syp Gordon '15 and David A. Gordon '75
Kate Stoss and Perry M. Gordon M'82
Sharon Derby Gordon '83 and Randall E. Gordon '84
Lois S. and William L. Gorodetzer P'97
Susan G. Gottlieb
Kathleen P. Gourlie M'81 and William R. Gourlie M'80
Mary O'Riordan-Grady and Dennis P. Grady P'20
Valarie Kinkade and Kevin E. Grant '82, M'86
Peter Grant M'97
Dr. Elizabeth A. Grant '73
Philip Gravel
Sonya Wulff and Scott C. Gray
Ricky W. Gray
Edward M. Greb-Lasky '75
Karen L. and Barton E. Green P'07
Arnold C. Greenberg Hon. '89
Margaret Hudson Greenberg '81 and Neal Greenberg
Rachel S. and Lee W. Greenberg '76
Jane and Steven J. Greenfogel P'97
Rosemary Bloniarz Gregory '71
Margaret J. and Fred S. Griggs Jr. M'89
Teresa S. and Samuel P. Grimes '71
Susan E. Grimes '87
Debby Lafleur and Gilbert Grismala
Vicki Kogelman Griswold '68 and Mark A. Griswold
Nancy A. and Philip H. Groth '76
Stephen H. Grund
Judith D. King and Dr. Stephen M. Gryc
Eva and Dr. H. Benjamin Gryk '81
Paula and Roman N. Grysiak
Holly C. and James E. Gustafson '74
Vickie L. and Steven M. Hadge M'90
Leslie A. Haines '85
Nancy C. Hajek A'75, '77
Henry Hall
Elisa and Barry E. Halligan
Sheri and Michael Halsband P'20
Margaret Hanbury M'91 and Richard A. Hanbury
Irma and Mort Handel Hon. '02
Kristyn Hanewicz
Michael J. Hanlon M'05
Judith B. Hanna P'96
Martine Le Bourhis Hannallah and Dr. Hany E. Hannallah M'91
Elizabeth H. Harlow A'57, '80
Ruth E. Harlow A'67 (HCW)
Dayle S. Harmon '76 and Charles E. Dunlay
Henriette Harmsen Camp M'77 and J. Holden Camp Jr. M'78
Beth A. and Michael J. Harney
Jane L. and Gregory M. Harris
Beverly A. Harris
Dr. Walter L. Harrison Hon. '18 and Dianne Harrison
Rose Harrison
Sally R. Harrison
Paul Hartung
Kathleen Ladzinski Harvey '73 and Robert A. Harvey
Diane C. and William M. Hastings '90
Marie T. Alipranti and Edward F. Havens Jr. '73
Peter W. Hawkins '65
Peggy Lyman Hayes '06, Hon. '11
William H. Hayes '73
Deborah L. and Jeffrey L. Hayman M'91
Cathleen E. and Mark R. Hayner '83
Frances Gurland Healy '70
Janet Rebmann Healy M'85, P'90
Kenneth M. Heffron P'99
Frank D. Hefner
Kathryn E. Henchy '18, M'20
Daria C. and Charles L. Hendel
Angela Henke '97, M'99, and Paul McColloch
Julie L. and Arthur S. Hennig III '92
Jean P. and Carl S. Henry
Paul H. Herrgesell '81
Elana Tackel Hersh '03, M'05, and Amiel B. Hersh '04
Jane Keller Herzig M'81 and Dr. Edward Herzig
Thomas C. Hessel
Marion Hamblett Heubner M'92
Victor M. Heumann Jr. '81
Joseph BA '69, BS '76, and Karen Hewes
Lori Ann Hickey M'96 and John H. Hickey
Susan W. and Donald W. Hight
Alyce Ford Hild M'75 and Dr. David H. Hild
Nan R. and A. Thomas Hildebrandt
Fred B. Hill '63
Dean P. Hills
Sarah Bennett Hincks '78 and Daniel A. Hincks A'80, '81
Marcia L. Hincks
Karen W. and Charles P. Hines '67, M'88, C'93
Helen and Chester S. Hinkle Jr.
Judith F. and John S. Hinman
Suzanne and Richard B. Hodgson '66
Nancy and Jeffrey S. Hoffman
James T. Hogan Jr. '82, M'05
Dr. Kate D. Hohenthal M'94, D'10, and Carl A. Hohenthal P'22
Nancy J. Holl M'99
Toby L. and Bennett A. Hollins P'07
Harriet Johnson Holmes '76
Pamela L. and Dan D. Home P'15
Michael J. Horn
Sherryl W. Horton M'75
Dr. Jane Horvath
P. James Housholder '71
E. Virginia and Gerald P. Hrabica A'78
John J. Hriczu A'77
Beverly J. and Robert F. Huber M'73
George L. Hungerford
Perry Daniels Huntington A'71 (HCW), '73, and Gregory Huntington
Nancy C. and Francis X. Hursey A'73, '77
Jane Palmer Hurwitz A'64 (HCW), '66, and Franklin J. Hurwitz '62
Pamela M. Hyman M'09

Dr. Beatrice S. Isaacs
Cecily A. Isbell
David C. Isgur
Marlene and Robert T. Isherwood A'73
Ann Krupenevich Iveson '56 and William B. Iveson '54
Dr. Elizabeth S. Ivey and Robert L. Klein
Dorothy B. Iwanicki M'69
Jillian McLeod and Stephen Jablonski
Elizabeth and Gary Jachym
Polly C. Jackson M'64
Mary Ellen Jacobs '71 and James W. Jacobs Jr. '59
Robert Jagoda
Nicole L. and Ralph A. Jamieson
Nancy Janeczek
Astrid E. Jarvis '86
Jennifer L. Jasenski
Dr. Harvey Jassem
Debra M. Javit A'83 (HCW)
Karen Pakula and Mark W. Jay
Isabelle Jayawickrema P'16, '19, and Arosha Jayawickrema M'91, P'16, '19
Charles Jefferis
Jacqueline P. and Martin B. John '92, M'94
Barbara Christodoulou Johnson '96, M'98, and David S. Johnson IV
Pauline H. Johnson M'65 and Lowell C. Johnson
Violet V. and Donald R. Johnson C'61, A'72, '76
David C. H. Johnston
Loretta C. and David P. Jones '70
Susan R. and Niels A. Jorgensen
Cynthia and Christopher Jurzynski P'21

Joyce E. Kalika M'69
Stephanie S. Kallicharan A'19, '21
Beryl A. Kammerer M'83 and John Atwater
Brandon F. Kampe
Andrea Furman Kanfer '83
Francis M. Karas
Joyce Lepera Karchmar '69
Bonnie Hartford Karkowski '69 and Laurence M. Karkowski '68
Dr. Alexandra Wojcechowsky Karriker A'63 (HCW) and Robert J. Karriker
Mary and John Kasputis
Nora M. Kaszubowski '14, M'16
Donna P. Katsaounis P'03
Karen L. and George L. Katz P'85
Leah C. Katz
Julie A. and Howard M. Kaye P'19
William J. Kehoe '75
Margaret M. Kelley '80
Donna Kelley
Diane P. Kelly and Frank P. Kelly '70
Jordan L. Haines '13 and Jacalyn A. Kelly '15
James T. Kelly
Dr. Susan R. Brown and Daniel S. Kelman
Eric L. Kemmler
Ann Foxen Kenny and Patrick W. Kenny
Matthew A. Kerin M'86
Wendy Kern Seymour and Thomas L. Seymour
Randi B. and Bruce I. Kessler P'20
Hailey P. Kessler '20
Jennifer B. Keyo M'10 and Peter Keyo
Joan Del Gallo Kierstead '71 and John T. Kierstead M'70
Sheila and Bruce Kilgore
Ryoung J. and Tai Soo Kim Hon. '15
Jane Kim Donino and Francis J. Donino M'19
Caren Bailey Kimball '85 and Daniel B. Kimball
Jeanine C. and Philip C. King P'15
Michelle A. King '90
Joanne King M'63
Sandra J. Kissel
Kenneth D. Kitchings
Shiela P. Klapatch A'62 and Robert D. Klapatch
Irmgard Doring Klee '82
Angela R. and Ed D. Klonoski M'79
Gregory V. Kloten '88
Maxwell A. Koehler '07
Vijaya L. and Dr. Bharat K. Kolluri
Deborah Koltenuk
Steven M. Konover
Brooksie Koopman and Mark Eaton
Trice Koopman and Mark Freund
Sheryl Lesnoy Kopel A'81 and Stuart A. Kopel
Dorothy and Gregory S. Korpita M'78
Millicent B. and Edwin S. Koski '57
Ann M. and Dr. M. Youssef I. Kouatly
Elaine Koulis Howland
Philip Kozlak
Paul J. Krause '13
Lisa D. and David P. Kreda P'16
Janet E. and Joseph R. Krince P'08, '16
Zachary M. Krince '08, M'16
Michael W. Krochmalny
Joseph Kubinski
Richard P. Kuhlbars '73, M'77
Carole Pearlman Kunstadt '73 and Robert M. Kunstadt
Andrea and Nicholas M. Kustos A'79, '81
Mary C. LaBelle M'78
Josephine Sipala LaCava A'54
Evelyn Colon-LaFontaine and Dr. Hernan LaFontaine Hon. '86
Susan Wazorko LaFreniere '74 and Leon A. LaFreniere
Bev and Alan Lagocki
Allen R. LaLiberty '71
Shelley C. Lampf P'09 and Mark H. Lampf '75, P'09
Luella Daniels Landis '66, M'70, and George E. Landis '66
Gail and James Landry
Timothy Lane
Charles J. Lanfair Jr. '72
Sharon Lanza
Michele M.A. LaPalme M'73
Justine MacCarthy LaPorte '55 and William F. LaPorte Jr.
Dr. Beth Larkins-Strathy D'07 and John Strathy
Helen M. Larrabee
John M. Larrabee
Christopher Larsen
Lauren Zaccaro Larson '06 and Peter S. Larson '05
Margaret Watt Larson '80 and Dr. Paul A. Larson
Barry N. Lastra
Jeanne Noonan Lattanzio '80 and John B. Lattanzio
Marcia A. Lattimore M'77
Billiegene A. and Roland A. Lavallee P'05
Tracy Lawlor and Martin Dabrowski
Amy J. Lawson and Christopher M. Hayes
Lee Ann Carlmark Leahy '84 and Michael Leahy
Maureen Fulton Leathers '05 and Matthew R. Leathers
Emily Lebovitz-Miller P'06 and Stanley S. Miller P'06
Monique Leggs-Gaynor P'19 and David E. Gaynor P'19
Peter Lehndorff
Joyce Ramos Lemega A'65 (HCW) and John W. Lemega
Theresa Marion Lemelin '92 and Richard Lemelin
Shirley Leong M'03
Grant G. Leonhardt
Nancy B. and Wayne S. Lepard '64, '87, M'01
Madeline Butler Leslie '83 and Duncan A. Leslie
Philip J. Less '95
Jo S. and Dr. Richard J. Lessow
Kimberly Anderson Letourneau '92 and Jay Letourneau
Barbara C. and Gerald J. Lettieri '64
Ira A. Levin
Elizabeth A. Levin '75
Andrea F. Levy and Neal B. Freuden
Carol A. LeWitt
Barbara Pettijohn and Robert Lindauer Jr.
Robert M. Lindeyer '81
Dr. DeLois Traynum Lindsey M'88, P'04, '13, and Carlton K. Lindsey P'04, '13
Henry Link
Norma G. Taylor P'11 and Eric Litsky '73, P'01
Laura S. Litty
Dr. Reid Locklin
Jason Loder
Dr. Celia Duke Lofink '79, P'16, and James C. Lofink
Donald J. Logie Jr.
Michael W. Longo M'06
Cathy Lord '78
Amy Lord Harkey and Keith Harkey
Linda O'Regan Loretz '79, C'00, and Richard A. Loretz
Elaine M. Gaudette and William P. Lostocco '89
Karen J. and Kenneth H. Loveland
Dana Lucas '83
Pamela K. Luecke M'80 and George W. Graves III
Edward Lukstas A'62, BSME '72
Amanda Ernest Lusteg '14
Susan G. and Stephen G. Lutz '81
Glandina Morris Lyga '04 and Matthew Lyga
Connie and Robert J. Lytle M'69

Dr. Janel MacDermott M'04, D'08, and Kevin P. MacDermott
Sarah M. and Timothy A. Macek M'84
William R. MacHose P'05
Karilyn Mackey
Carol A. MacMullen C'77
Kyle MacNiven Conard M'83 and Richard C. Malley
Lila and Theodore Madfis
Carlo Magno '72, M'76
Linda Burns and Gerald A. Maine
Sandra Warner Maine '83, P'14, and Dale W. Maine A'81, '83, P'14
Caitlin Simard Malinowski '11, M'15, and Justin Malinowski
Linda and Paul Maneggia
Amy Rothschild Manheim '82 and Kevin Manheim
Linda Oman Manning '71
Stephen G. Manos
Albert H. Manus M'77
Denise L. Marchese M'20
Mary and James P. Marchetti P'04
Annette T. Markham M'75
Vivian Sless Marks '57 and Gerald Marks '54
Lori Markusfeld M'91 and Jeffrey Cole
Gwen E. and Thomas S. Marrion
Elizabeth F. Johnson and James F. Marrs '89
Kerry Lee Martin M'91
Russell N. Martino '53
Anna C. Maruca A'61, '63
Nicholas B. Mason M'80
Marcia J. Massey M'71 and Arne Kittelsen
Patricia Turner-Massey and Nathan R. Massey
Ona L. Mastronarde M'91 and Thomas P. Mastronarde
Alice K. Mathews
Karen A. Matte '69
Gail E. Matthews '74
Arthur Mauger
Laura A. and Cornelius McBreen
Paul J. McBride
Robert P. McCarron
Tina H. and David McCary
Kim and Bruce A. McClellan M'11
Joanne and James L. McConaughy P'08
Mark S. McCormick '10
Liam F. McCusker A'15, '17, M'20
Margaret McDonald M'82
Judith G. McElhone '88, M'94, and James McElhone
Xan M. McGivney M'09 and Raymond J. McGivney Jr. '93, M'96
Delcie J. and Richard A. McGrath P'11
John J. McGuire Jr. '73, M'86
John J. McGuire '73, M'77
Kaleigh E. McGuirl '19
Cathy S. and Mark C. McKaig '85
June W. McKeon '84 and Charles B. Friedman '76
Patricia A. McKinley A'72 (HCW)
Barbara C. McKinney '83
Dr. Marian F. Kellner and Dr. Timothy P. McLaughlin
Helen B. McLean M'74, P'94, and Peter C. McLean Sr. P'94
Jeannette F. and Dave McLellan '76, P'11
Kevin M. McMahon
David P. Nelson and William F. McManus '77
Timothy J. McNamara III
Bobbi McNeil '94
Julie D. and Sean Meehan
Ellen J. Meinke M'81
Louise Brideau Melanson A'05, '13, P'07, '10, and Robert Melanson P'07, '10
Amy and Michael J. Melvin
Donna A. Menhart M'89, P'16, '19, and Joseph R. Menhart P'16, '19
Christa Mayr Menzel '71 and Gerhart Menzel
Glenn M. Messemer
Elizabeth L. R. and Ralph A. Metcalf Jr. P'09
Vivienne and Nicholas G. Metcalf '67
Stefan Michael
Barbara Sweet and Timothy E. Michaels '71
Bruce Michaels M'91
Deborah Migdol P'96
Brian J. Mik
Vivian I. and Norman R. Milefsky
Rebecca A. and Terrence M. Milka M'84
Dr. Regina M. Miller and Dr. Donald N. Miller
Lauri J. and David R. Miller M'83
Margaret A. Miller M'71
Gloria K. Miller A'63
Robin A. Millet '89
Monica W. Mills A'00 (HCW), '03 (HCW)
Richard A. Mills '73, M'75
Elliott S. Milstein '66, Hon. '97
Audrey Mintz '74
Margaret E. and Robert A. Mirante '65
Louise A. and David C. Mitchell
Phyllis M. Mitchell M'12 and Gary Mitchell
Terrell F. Mitchell '71
Dr. Suzanne Ogorzalek Mitoraj IV '67
Erin E. and Walter F. Moody
Patricia A. Moran M'83, M'87
Roberta B. and Douglas A. Morehouse
Betty G. and Richard Morgan V P'02
Dr. Sandra W. Morgan
Clifford J. Morin '79
Eileen Morin
Therese M. Morris M'14 and Robert T. Morris
Johanna M. Morrison
Marjorie E. Morrissey M'78
Barbara M. O'Grady and Stephen F. Moseley '67, Hon. '89
Tina M. and Thomas S. Mulinski '87, P'22
Ann Marie and Stephen M. Mulready M'77
Priscilla and John Mulvaney
Jane E. Murdock M'93
Joan Loffler Murphy '68, M'72, and Lawrence M. Murphy '67
Mary G. Murphy M'80
David P. Murray '80
Doris A. and Dr. Richard B. Nabel M'71, C'79
Bennett J. Nadworny A'10, '12
Dr. Anna B. Nagurney and Dr. Ladimer S. Nagurney
Joan E. and John W. Nagy P'10
Janet and Daniel Nahorney P'20
Donna Namnoum M'83 and Robert Namnoum
Susan M. Nance M'94 and Barry R. Nance
Lynn J. and Mark J. Nappi M'68
Mark S. Natter
Margarita and Frank Navas P'21
Robert Neems
Arlene M. and Daniel M. Neiditz
Gail T. and Anthony W. Newman '62, P'88, G'23
Anne R. and Nestor M. Nicholas P'97
Lucille M. Nickerson Hon. '22
John J. Niedzwiecki '62
Matthew S. Niland
Carole S. and Christopher Noble
Jenifer M. Noble
Don O. Noel Jr. P'86
Elaine E. and David G. Nord '79
Elizabeth H. Norton M'83 and Peter A. Norton
Carl Nothnick '66
Jeanne Marie and Jeffrey M. Novak P'16, '16

John O'Boyle
Sandra and Henry O'Brien P'21
Deborah O'Brien M'97
John M. O'Connell
Jody Pardus O'Connor '84 and Brian J. O'Connor '73
Elizabeth A. and Edward O'Doherty
Mary E. and Brian R. O'Donnell '75, M'86
James M. O'Leary '83
Dorothy D. O'Meara M'85
Amanda and Bret M. O'Neal A'04, '06
Laurene J. and J. Stephen O'Neall
Deborah A. Oates M'89 and Keith E. Oates
Veda Ziff Ofseyer '70, M'72, P'01, and Jordan S. Ofseyer P'01
Paul J. Oliva '76
Mechelle Tovar Olórtegui
Gary O. Olson A'51, '53, P'88
Karen Gibbs Orefice A'65 (HCW) and Jerry A. Orefice '66
Maria T. Orefice '72 and David Lundberg
Charles Ostrowski
Kelly and Edward B. Owens M'21
Virginia C. and Edward J. Owens
Laura J. Pacileo M'85 and Vincent A. Pacileo III
William C. Packer
Charles E. Pagano Jr. '84, M'07
Dr. Moon-Hee Yoo and Dr. Soo H. Pai
Michael S. Pakaluk '03
Louis B. Palazzo
Camilla M. and Charles S. Palmer '65
Debra A. Palmer M'82
Pauline Cusano Panik M'81 and Dr. Michael J. Panik
Mark E. Papapietro '73
Carmen J. Pappalardo '64, M'76
Mary E. and Edward J. Paprocki P'18
Theresa and Charles F. Paprzyca
Janet E. and Robert A. Paradis M'85
Barbara A. and Edward D. Paradise '78
Lauren C. Parda
Nanette DiTaranto Paridy '87 and Robert C. Paridy II
Janet V. Tassel and Stephen R. Park
Sean R. Parke
Julia Parker Post '63
Rosemary P. Parsons
George E. Partaledis M'77
Judith T. and Dr. Laljeebhai R. Patel '75
Debra L. and Nathaniel Paull '84
Deborah Van Ohlen and Wendy L. Payton
Penelope and John E. Pearson
John K. Pearson
Gail Sparrell Pease A'65 (HCW) and Thomas E. Pease
Jerrilyn D. Pease
Virginia Bowes and Donald M. Pelletier
Judy M. Pellett
Carol A. and Edward F. Peltier '68
Kathryn E. and Kevin Pendergast
Archie S. Perez A'52, '54
Dr. Annemarie and Dr. Stephen Perlmutter A'62
Thomas J. Perra '74, M'82, P'04
Dr. Andrew Perry
Tina S. Pesola '69
James J. Peta Jr. M'69
Raymond Petke
Virginia and Robert Pettinicchi P'14
Annette M. and Michael C. Pezzetti '91
Genevieve B. and Michael A. Pfaff M'86
Cathy Phelps
Kurt Philipp M'80
Robin L. Pianko '74 and Ira R. Pianko '74
Nicole A. Pielli '12
Nadine C. and John P. Pieper Jr. '87
Karishma Pinto '17, M'18
Sheryl A. and Roger J. Plourde
Karen B. Plummer M '95 and Alan S. Plummer
Jeannie Gustafson Pogmore A'62 and Richard Pogmore
Molly O. and Ryan Polk
David Pontrelli
Sharon L. Pope and Alfred W. Gatti
Gail L. and David B. Porteus M'87
Leslie E. Poulos M'97, C'02, and Dorsey W. Stover M'97
Emile J. Premont Jr. A'59, '61
Dr. Frederick R. Preston '69
Penelope M. Provost M'00 and Arthur A. Provost
Esther Pryor
Claire M. Pryor '84
William J. Puro '77
Rosalie Guiliani Puskar M'85 and Michael C. Puskar
Richard J. Puskarz '72
Robert W. Pytel M'79

Dr. Maria J. Qadri '09 and Thomas G. Barker '08
Amy Ekross Quigley '93 and Brad Quigley
Tracy L. and Thomas E. Quigley
Allan R. Raphael
Shoreh and Farhad Rassekh
Patricia R. and Mark S. Rauch P'09
Edward C. Raymond
John F. Reagan '70
Audrey B. and George Redfield A'47, '50
Peggy B. Reed M'93 and Bryan H. Reed Jr.
Jay P. Regosin '64
Ruth A. and Harold W. Rehrauer '67
Karen and Marc A. Reich
David R. Reik
Michael T. Reilly '87
Ricardo Reyes
Jeanette D. and Richard A. Reynolds '69, M'73
Margaret A. and David Reynolds
Keith Rhoden Jr. '85
Belle K. Ribicoff
Dr. Michele Riccardi P'19 and Nicola Riccardi P'19
Lee Ricciardiello '59, M'62
Alfred C. Richardson
Vivian Riefberg P'21
Dr. Kathleen Riley
Himangi and Girish D. Rishi M'92
Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer '78 and James H. Wallace Jr.
Dr. Brooks C. Robards M'70 and James L. Kaplan
Dorothy Wetmore Robbins A'56 and Roger A. Robbins
Mary Skruta Robbins '59 and Theodore F. Robbins
Cheryl J. Roberts '69 and Robert Franklin
Celia A. Roberts A'57, '61
Kristen L. Roberts C'92 (HCW), M'98
Kimberly M. Marett and Keith W. Robertson '04
Paula and John J. Robinson
Kathryn E. and Mark L. Roby
Jolie Rocke '89
Patricia B. Rodgers M'68 and Douglas N. Rodgers
Llonia Rojan Jackson '94
Barbara Ogowetsky Rome '73 and Arthur E. Rome '72
Marguerite A. Rose '13, C'13
Sharon E. Rosen M'87 and Stuart G. Rosen
Bernard H. Rosen '61, M'66
Sheldon Rosenbaum '57
Fred Rosenberg
Gordon Ross
Rosalie B. Roth
Jonah M. D. Rothstein '16
Jessica B. Dydyn and Paul J. Rousseau '83
Edward Rozanski
Barbara A. and Alan D. Rozinsky '68, M'71
Edmund Rubacha
Ruth A. and Phillip S. Ruder '62, M'66
Dr. Adrienne Aaron Rulnick and Rabbi Arthur Rulnick
Henri M. Rumph M'73
Karen R. and Thomas J. Rush '71
Wendy Maxwell-Russell and Daniel W. Russell '80
Charles M. Russo '77
Barbara A. Russo M'93

Christine M. Sacerdote M'95
Robin A. Sahner '76, M'78
Annette Belomyzy Salina '71 and Paul G. Salina '70, C'96
Reginald T. Salinas '19
Kay and Alan P. Salzman P'04
Emmanuel R. Sanchez
Gretchen S. and Dr. Harald M. Sandstrom P'88, '92, '93
Scott D. Sanicki '00, M'02, M'05
Salvatore P. Santacroce A'64, '72
Norma A. and Manuel R. Santana '70
Dr. Anthony T. Santonicola
Judith U. Satlof
Daniel J. Satriano Jr. '69, M'75
Edith M. and Edward R. Savage
Patricia E. and Richard L. Sawitzke M'96
Dr. Theodore R. Sawruk D'22
Amber R. Sayer M'16 and Benjamin Schwartz
Starr and Philip C. Sayres Jr.
Gerald W. Sazama
Dr. Marilyn Schaffer
Sherrie D. and Ronald J. Schallack
Annelieke and Dr. Peter K. Schauer '71, P'13
Susan Fierberg P'94 and Howard Scheinblum P'94
Joan C. Schenker
Suzanne D. Schloss C'88 and Dr. John J. Schloss
Beverly Brignoli Schmitt '71
Lois and Stephen A. Schneeberger M'83
Martin F. Schoenemann M'81
George E. Schramm '64
Karen A. Schrempp
Carl W. Schuh
Brittany M. Schultz M'19
David A. Schupp '63
Susan Welch Schwager '73, P'91, and Dr. Myron A. Schwager P'91
Janet E. and Jonathan R. Schwartz P'10
Janine Tucker and Dr. Ira B. Schwartz '73
Dorathea M. and James M. Schwarzhaupt
Frazier G. Scott
Peggy A. and Michael J. Scougall
Raymond J. Secondo
Mary Ann and Dr. Stephen J. Seleman '72
Tom Selnau
Dianne Vonesh Seltzer '74 and George H. Seltzer III
David Seltzer
Nancy F. Semeraro
Helen Davenport-Senuta and Thomas Senuta
Norton A. Serville C'70
Rachel Sexton
Robert A. Shaffer P'16
Curtis E. Shank M'10
Linda L. Shanley M'04, P'07
Clair A. and Dr. Thomas W. Sharpless
Jean and Ralph H. Shaw II M'66
Margaret L. and Donald H. Shaw Jr. M'77
Dr. William Shaw
Jeffrey A. Shaw M'93
Gearin P. Shea '58
Beverly Geetter Shepard A'53 and Arthur M. Shepard
Dr. Sharon T. Shepela and Adam Shepela
Stephen E. Shipman
Rosalind B. and Peter W. Shoemaker
Susan and Jeffrey Shoham
Joanne F. Shugrue M'85
Ruth K. Shulansky
Lois A. and Bradford S. Sideman P'04
Penny H. and Steven J. Sigal
Nancy W. and Brett N. Silvers
Barbara Hoffman Simons A'56
Heather A. and Edward L. Sinclair III M'99
Agnes A. Siniscalchi M'90 and Elio Iannaccone
Joan Fink Sittard A'81, '83, and Paul A. Sittard '85
Pamela Meyers Skerker M'82
Diane M. P. and Samuel N. Skinner M'85
Marsha and Randall Slaboch
Gregory S. Slater Jr.
Jewel M. Slepchuk M'84
Jamie and Lewis A. Slotnick
Gregory Slupecki M'88
Karen M. and Steven L. Smith '72
Kim K. V. McClain and Brian R. Smith
Lisa M. and Gregory C. Smith '89
Sharon W. and Robert H. Smith Jr.
Dr. Leo T. Smith
Kenneth B. Smith
Beverly A. Smith A'10, P'07
Patricia E. and Joseph A. Soares '68, P'01
Carolyn Lojewski Soboleski A'63 and Edward T. Soboleski '62, M'72
Duncan S. Somerville Jr.
Linda Bland Sonnenblick
Sebby P. Sorrentino A'82, '88, M'99
Jana M. and Vladimir J. Spacek
Lucille A. and Gerald P. Spadjinske P'96
W. Richard Spearrin Jr. M'75
Donald Spencer
Gloria P. and Klaus J. Spitzner C'61, '65
Julie L. Spring
Reginald L. Springer
Beatrise R. Srams M'09
Annalise R. and Douglas J. St. Marie
Barbara C. Stacks C'84 and Myron S. Stacks
Karin A. Stahl M'73 and William K. Stahl
Lyn C. Harper '81, P'14, and Kenneth W. Steen '82, P'14
Lou R. Steigler '54
Marilyn Shapiro Steinmetz '81 and Dr. Stephen Lieberman
Linda Chamberland Stent '80
Mark Stephens
Patricia and Lawson R. Stevens
Enzina D. and James R. Stevenson
Diane L. Stocinis
Kate Farrow Stoddard A'72 (HCW)
Janet T. Stone and Michael Selissen
Craig A. Stopka '72
Susan Stoppelman
Robin C. S. and James A. Storms M'64
Elizabeth Schereschewsky Stout '66, '82, and John S. Stout Jr. '65
Mervyn F. Strauss '64
Jonas V. Strimaitis
Judith M. and Robert E. Strom P'00
Robin E. Strom M'85
Dr. Nancy M. Stuart and David G. Lang
Paul F. Studenski P'13
Yoriko F. and Hiroki K. Sugie P'20
Kerrie Weston Sullivan '93 and John M. Sullivan '94
John D. Summers '81
Sandhya Sumukadas M'07 and Dr. Narendar Sumukadas
Barbara P. Sutkowski
Marcia and James Sutton
Linda M. and Paul Svetz '67
Kenneth I. Swanson M'82
Nancy B. Swanton
Mary E. Swaykus
Timothy E. Sweeney
M. Martha Sandefer M'06 and Dr. H. Frederick Sweitzer III
Anne T. Cassady and Jonathan G. Swift
Lauri A. and Joseph A. Sylvestro '90
Andrew Szegedy-Maszak
Sebastiana and Charles Szilagyi M'00
Dr. Maria K. Tackett D'10
David Talone
Margaret Tarampi
Susan V. and Donald Tarinelli
Christine C. and Lawrence A. Tauro Jr.
Susan Teasdale '75
William N. Tedesco A'64, '67
Lydia Mozzanica Tedone A'77 (HCW) and Peter L. Tedone
Carol and Robert J. Tellar '72
Lucia and Giuseppe Terranova '74
Deborah Williams Theriault A'71 and Eugene E. Theriault
Cynthia Briggs Thierfeld '80 and Jeffrey D. Thierfeld M'05
Kim A. and Robert M. Thomas II M'04
Margaret B. and Richard W. Thomas M'84
Ann E. Thompson '71 and Alfred J. Brunetti
Natalie Harris Thompson '91, M'93, and David E. Thompson Jr. '89, M'91
Linda and John F. Thornell III '72
Helen C. and Stephen D. Thresher M'84
Richard E. Thurz M'72, M'73
Hazel D. Tishcoff P'95
Diane M. and Gary A. Tishue '76
Mary-Jo and Gregory C. Toczydlowski M'95
Dr. Pamela N. Tolhurst '02, P'09, and Neil R. Tolhurst P'09
David W. Tolli
Dr. Jane Edwards P'11 and Dr. Humphrey R. Tonkin P'11, Hon. '99
Reichi Y. Torbert '91 and William Torbert
Rebecca M. and Thomas Townsend
John D. Townsend '70, M'76
Heather B. Toyen M'99, C'99
Marilyn O. Tracy M'80 and Scott Tracy
Dr. Deborah Buonagurio and Dr. William A. Tramontano
James W. Troy
Beverly S. and Paul A. Truebig
Jane M. and Robert M. Tucker P'03
Pei and Joseph E. Turgeon III M'84
Edith Olson Turkington and Edward Turkington '58
RuthAnn and Ralph D. Turley M'71
Naomi Lerner Tussin '77, P'12, '15, and Calman Tussin P'12, '15
Debra Ty
Diane M. and Andrew P. Tyler

Dr. Susan R. Uber M'73
Mildred G. and Douglas E. Unfried M'78
Kenneth F. Valentine P'04
Mayra Valverde M'20
Marie-Claire and Jean-Pierre Van Rooy
Norman H. Vanasse A'50, '52
Bradley E. VandenBerg Jr. '03
Lois S. and Robert L. Vanesse
Patricia A. Varanelli M'71
Sylvia C. Vargas '74 and Edwin Vargas Jr. '74, M'86
Vijianthimala Angammana P'17 and Abeyaratna Vathupola P'17
John W. Vellturo Jr.
Richard Ventura
Donna Vidam
Thomas F. Vincelett
Susan Alexander Vinson M'81 and Dr. James S. Vinson
Patricia M. and Gerald V. Vitkauskas '64
Margaret M. and Carl K. Vogel P'10
Sashikanth Vunnava M'15
Charles C. Wagar M'72
Linda A. and Brian R. Wagner C'63, A'69
Peter W. Waite
Donna M. Wallace M'82 and William P. Wallace
Dr. Kaitlin M. Walsh '02, M'04
Ruth G. and Kirk S. Walworth '64
Njoki Wamiti '00
Karen and Timothy C. Ward
Joseph K. Wasserman
Carol L. Wasserman M'92
Deborah and Barry R. Wax '72
Linda J. Webber M'67
Katharine and Nicholas F. Weber
Anna M. and Steven W. Webersen
Marcy Bufithis Webster '02 and William A. Webster II
Dwight D. Weed
Patti and Howard N. Weiner
Diane and Dr. Donn Weinholtz P'06, '08, '10
Donna Raymond Weinstein '69 and Dr. Alan S. Weinstein
Judith and Joel Weisman P'88
Janice Henle Weiss '77 and Jay D. Weiss
Janyse and Bernard M. Weisz '79
Margo E. Welch M'85
Katherine M. and Richard J. Wellner M'84
Nancy Miller Wells A'64 (HCW), M'76, and Stanley T. Wells
Krystl R. Wells '08
Janice D. Wendry M'66
Stacie A. Wentz
Amy Span Wergeles and Fred Wergeles
Helen K. Werns M'86
Ellen I. and Scott P. Wetherell
Lea Gina White
Brigid and Needham B. Whitfield M'73
Stephen Whittemore '82
Kenneth Wichman
Kathleen J. and Joseph A. Wielock '73
Joanne and David Williams M'71
Susan Rafferty Williams M'78 and Eliot P. Williams
Jean L. P. and Matthew E. Wilson
Susan and W. Joe Wilson
Karan R. Wilson '67
Harriet R. Winograd
Kathleen Pelletier and Robert F. Winot
Joan and Walter C. Wojciehowski '71
Barbara Dean Wolfe P'06 and Charles J. Wolfe P'06
Marianne S. and Gregory B. Woloszyn '89
Bridget Brill Wood '88 and Curtis M. Wood
Alexander Wood
John A. Woods
Dr. Gregory S. Woodward
Eileen S. and Dr. Harry J. Workman P'98
John W. Wright
Margaret Wyporek Spear

Suzanne B. and Jonathan R. Yale M'88
Geraldine F. and Victor C. Yarne
Kathleen O'Donnell Yeaton '74, M'77, and Robert G. Yeaton
Esther Scheinblum Yeck A'70 (HCW)
Laura Z. Yellin M'79
Kathleen and David A. Yovaisis P'07
Ruth S. and Ralph J. Yulo Jr. M'58
Patricia A. and Joseph G. Zablocki P'14
Joseph A. Zaborowski '82
Jessica P. and Eric M. Zachs
Henry M. Zachs
Judith M. Zachs
Gioia Molinaro Zack A'89 (HCW) and Christopher Zack A'88, '89
Michael A. Zaglool Jr. '73
Thomas A. Zagryn M'66
Ralph Zegarelli
Richard A. Zeiser P'16, '19
Laurie S. and Andrew E. Zeldin '75
Beverly J. and Christopher R. Zell P'22
Nancy Torchio-Zembko and David Zembko M'82
Nancy A. and Bruce E. Zepke A'69, '79
Linda and Stephen A. Zigmont P'10, '15
Daniel Zimberlin
Margaret M. Zorn