Connect With Our Community

Community is at the core of The Hartt Community Division, as we celebrate our students and offer up opportunities for them to thrive.  You can stay connected with us through our newsletter, where you find updates on new programs, events, opportunities, accolades, and more.

Celebrating our Students and Faculty / Highlighting our Comprehensive Programming

The Hartt School Community Division publishes a weekly Monday Mailer via e-mail that acts as a snapshot of our programmatic information. This includes approaching registration deadline reminders, new program announcements, unique program highlights, and success stories of our students and faculty.

The Monday Mailer runs throughout the summer, in addition to the academic year.


The Hartt Community Division has given me a great head start in my musical career. I was able to receive training at a collegiate level from the renowned faculty at Hartt, and I can honestly say that being involved with HCD has prepared me greatly for college. My conductors and professors all wanted to see me succeed, the encouragement that was shown, as well as the accountability that was upheld for everyone is what I believe sets HCD apart from any other community divisions.

HCD Student,

Together, we can ensure the gift of an unparalleled performing arts education is available to all.