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Academic Updates

We've developed robust and specific plans for the creation of a blended approach to learning in multiple formats, thoroughly meeting the needs of our students, faculty, course types, and program curricula.

Classroom Format—A Blended Approach 

Looking for an available classroom?

Check out our schedule of classrooms available to use in between classes for studying or for a place you can do your online coursework throughout the day. 

We have created a blended approach to academics for this academic year, offering classes in a variety of formats:

  • Traditional in-person classes meet at a specific time and place that is reflected on your schedule.

  • Hybrid: These classes are a mix of in-person and online, depending upon the needs of the class. Some meetings will be in person, while others will be online, as determined by the faculty member. For example, if you have a Tuesday, Thursday course, the instructor may tell you that it meets in person on Tuesdays and online on Thursdays.

  • Remote: These classes are fully online but meet at a specific time (synchronous).

  • Online: These classes are fully online and do not meet at a specific time (asynchronous).

It is possible some of your courses will not be in the format you prefer. We are balancing our plan to offer in-person classes and experiences, with space constraints required by social distancing in the classroom and working with our faculty who have high-risk considerations or disability accommodations, to support your academic goals.

We know that many of you prefer in-person classes but that there are others who for various reasons are unable to or do not want to learn face-to-face. We will do everything we can to accommodate a remote learning environment should you choose to remain off campus—you can work with your program director or department chair. Please note that not all courses and programs are transferable to a fully remote format, so this may alter your course selection.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities to study remotely, please contact the Center for Student Success.

Classroom Safety

We've developed the following strategies for our classroom environments:
  • All classrooms, lecture halls, and other spaces are set up for in-person instruction in accordance with social distancing guidelines.
  • Alternative spaces were identified to ensure the right match of size, availability, and instruction needed for classes. This includes repurposing or sharing of spaces (ie: Konover and Wild Auditorium).
  • A/B format classes have been developed to address any space challenges and capacity issues. For classes that are meeting face-to-face, many will be organized in "session"—divided into A and B groups, alternating between in-class and remote instruction on different days. This should be defined on class schedules, and students should work with their advisor and/or instructor with any questions. 
  • Classrooms are equipped with necessary technology so that faculty can broadcast and/or record lectures.
  • Cleaning supplies are available in all classrooms as well as sanitizing stations in hallways.
  • We ask all student to enter and exit classes in an orderly fashion to keep the six-foot distance between each other. 
  • Face mask stations are available across campus. Face shields will be available to check-out where six-foot distancing is not completely possible.

Class Schedules

Class schedules reflect the types of class formats listed above: traditional classes, hybrid, remote, and online. 

Any questions about your class schedule can be emailed to the Center for Student Success at

Student Resources

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We know that the academic year looks a little different, but we are here to help you navigate the changes. And to make the transition a little easier, we've put together resources to support you academically.