Contact Tracing & Quarantine

Health Advice & Screening

Are you feeling ill? Read our important health advice on what to do next. 

Below are the contract tracing guidelines as of May 25, 2022. 

Contact tracing is no longer managed by the COVID-19 Response Team. Individuals who test positive are responsible for communicating this to their close contacts.

Contact tracing typically involves:

  • The individual who is positive should identify everyone they had close contact with during the time they were infectious. Close contact typically includes anyone with whom an infected person spent 15 minutes or more with closer than six feet.
  • The individual who is positive should notify contacts of their potential exposure.
  • The close contact(s) should monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Contact Tracing and Community Expectations

Testing Postive

If you test positive for COVID-19, you should:
  • Notify your supervisor (faculty and staff)
  • Report your case to the COVID Response Team by filling out the Livesafe app or by emailing
  • A member of the COVID-19 Response Team will call you to discuss your symptoms and provide you with your official dates for isolation.

The University will follow current CDC guidance. The length of isolation will be five days from symptom onset or from the date of your positive test if no symptoms are present. 

A negative test is NOT required to return to campus. However, you will be required to wear a mask for an additional five days when in the presence of others. This five days is in addition to the isolation period.

Notifying Close Contacts

You should plan to notify your close contacts, both in and outside the University, of your positive test. Formal contact tracing and notification of close contacts will no longer take place via the COVID-19 Response Team. We ask that you notify your close contacts so that they can take appropriate action.

If identified as a close contact to someone diagnosed with COVID-19:

If you are notified that you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, we ask that you follow CDC guidance based on your own vaccination status. CDC guidance for what to do if you have been exposed to COVID can be found here.


Quarantine and Isolation

This year UHart has limited campus accommodations, so it is important to have a plan with your family if you are to test positive or need to quarantine. If an employee tests positive they should connect with HRD about being out of work.