Health Screenings

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We will again be using the Daily Health Screening in LiveSafe to monitor the health of our community and to assist with contact tracing.

As of Aug. 15, to keep the University of Hartford community safe, all unvaccinated community members are asked to complete LiveSafe when accessing campus. Visitors, guests, and approved contractors/vendors should also complete LiveSafe when entering campus regardless of vaccination status. Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should also complete LiveSafe.  

The screening survey consists of a few questions, such as whether you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, live with or have been exposed to anyone with a confirmed or suspected case, or if you have tested positive for COVID-19. Your answers to the questions should be submitted to the best of your knowledge and how you are feeling that day.  Based on your answers you will receive one of two responses:

  • A Green Check on your screen approves you to go to class, or to come to campus if you live off campus. A Green Check is also required to enter University Commons and the Sports Center.
  • A Red X on your screen will direct you to stay off campus, or in your room if you are on-campus. Students: Someone from our Health Team will contact you to follow up. The Health Team may ask you to see a Health Care provider for further evaluation or determine it is safe for you to leave your residence. Employees should contact Human Resources at 860.768.4666 or
  • For any student, employee or visitor who do not use a smartphone, an online version can be accessed on a computer. You may want to print the results for verification.

If you feel sick, contact Health Services. If you get a test off campus and it is positive, please report the result to Health Services.

Health Screening Policy

This policy was updated on Aug. 2, 2021.

All unvaccinated University of Hartford faculty, staff, and students; and any, visitors, guests, vendors, and contractors  and guests shall complete a daily health screen pursuant to the following: 

  • The health screen is to be reported via the LiveSafe App on a smartphone. If you do not have access to a smartphone then complete the health screen via the website or if you do not have access to the Internet, via an alternate reporting method as directed by the relevant supervisor.
  • Any persons experiencing or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should not come to campus:
    • All faculty and staff who are exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms are restricted from campus and shall remain home.
    • All commuter students who are exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms shall remain home.
    • All residential students who are exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms shall remain within their assigned rooms. 
    • All faculty, staff, and students shall immediately report COVID-19 symptoms to Health Services or Public Safety.

Summer 2021 Protocol

All students, employees, and visitors are required to use LiveSafe to complete a COVID-19 screening survey prior to coming to campus. Residential students are required to complete the health screening each day. Commuter students are required to complete the health screening prior to coming to campus.