Keeping Hawks Healthy

Read the latest updates on UHart's response to COVID-19:

Residential Life

Changes to Our Residential Neighborhoods

There is no doubt that life in our residential neighborhoods has been different this fall. We all have a role to play in maintaining the strictest health and safety standards to keep each other safe.

We have a no-visitor/no-guest policy within our residence halls. That means only students living in a specific housing unit (room, apartment, or suite) are allowed inside that space. Residential buildings are open only to those students who live in that building (other than the first floor classroom of Hawk Hall).

Please see our full residential life policy. It is important that you read it in order to get a complete picture of the rules, expectations, and possible repercussions of not following the policy.

Fall Closing Update

Will expect to announce more specific details soon, but here is some preliminary information so you can start to plan.

Residence halls close for the fall semester on Tuesday, Nov. 24. You should plan to vacate your fall housing assignment by this time. Please contact if you are unable to depart by this day and time.

what to bring home

At this time (and this is subject to change), you may leave you belongings in you rooms/suites/apartments. You will complete a Spring Semester Housing Planning Form with your RA in early November.  In the event the we do not open in the spring, this form will outline your plan for packing/storing/moving.

You should take all valuables (i.e. money, credit cards, jewelry, other high-value items), as well as personal and academic items (i.e. driver's license, passport, medicine, textbooks, other academic materials) with you when you leave for the semester.

preparing your space for closing

Facilities will be cleaning all kitchens, sinks, counters, toilets, and showers, in suites and apartments over break. Please remove all personal items from these areas prior to leaving campus.

More information will be available soon about what else you can do need to do to prepare.

staying on campus over break

Break housing will be available for those who meet certain criteria.  Information about on-campus housing and /or dining plans Post-Thanksgiving and/or over Winter Break is coming soon.

Dining Updates

Dining Services is enhancing its safety protocols to keep Hawks healthy this fall. See how they are working to protect you.