Residential Life Guest Policy

The below policy was enforced for the 2021–22 Academic Year. It was last updated on Aug. 2, 2021. New guildelines will be communicated for the 2022–23 Academic Year at a later date. 

For the purposes of this policy:

  • A housing unit is defined as any room, suite, or apartment in which one or more assigned students reside. Neighborhoods A, B, C, D, E, and F are not considered a suite for the purpose of this definition.  
  • The unit occupancy refers to the current number of residents who could be assigned to a housing unit. The unit occupancy for suites and apartments will be determined based on bedroom occupancy.  Super singles and designated singles will be considered doubles for the purpose of this definition.
  • The unit capacity refers to the maximum number of residents and/or guests who can be present in a housing unit (bedroom and/or common spaces) at the same time.  

General Guidelines 

Residential guests must be a member of the University community (other current residential or commuter students). Guests who are not members of the University community will only be permitted in housing units during for move-in as approved by the Office of Residential Life. 

Residents are responsible for the actions of any guests in their housing unit and building, as well as the actions of guests who are not members of the University community anywhere on campus. As such, guests must remain with their host at all times. Guests must also register their vehicles with Public Safety if they do not have a parking pass of their own. If a guest is displaying inappropriate behavior, the host will be held responsible for that behavior. All guests must comply with University rules and regulations. 

Residents and guests must follow University mask policies.

Residential Guest Guidelines 

All guests are contingent on the prior approval of all residents assigned to that housing unit. The occupants of each housing unit may determine visitation hours. Each overnight guest (at this time, only other current residential or commuter students) can stay up to three (3) nights per month.   

Housing Unit Capacity Guidelines 

With overall safety in mind, there is a limit to the number of people allowed in each housing unit on campus.  Unit capacity is two (2) times the unit occupancy.   

Housing Unit Capacity

Housing Unit Designation Unit Occupancy Unit Capacity
Single-Occupancy Bedrooms 1 2
Super Single, Designated Single-Occupancy, and Double-Occupancy Bedrooms 2 4


The Residential Life Guest Policy will be posted on the University of Hartford website. Any changes to this policy via University email is considered each student’s ‘notification’ of this policy.