Vaccine Requirement

All UHart students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the fall. Students should submit vaccine information by Aug. 15. Learn more about the vaccine requirement

Arriving to Campus

To make move-in as smooth and safe as possible, we have modified our schedule.

You can find details about the move-in process, how to sign up for your preferred move-in time, what to pack, information about parking, and other safety precautions.

We are encouraging students who live near campus to sign up for early drop off. 

Important Steps Prior to Arrival

In order to enter campus on the day of move in, you will need to complete the following: 

1. Submit your COVID-19 test results

All students, including those living on campus and commuters, need to be tested prior to the start of the semester. This is a state guideline that will help us protect our community. Reminder: No Test = No Key

See testing requirements and upload your negative test results online. 

2. Complete a LiveSafe Health Screening

All students, employees, and visitors will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening survey on our LiveSafe app before arriving to campus for the day, or, if you live on campus, before going to class. Reminder: all guests and students entering campus need to complete the health screening on the LiveSafe app—this includes any parents/family members who will be helping with move in. 

Download the LiveSafe app prior to your move-in date

Move-In Schedule: Aug. 22–25

Express Check-In

Sign up for Express Check-In

Returning students will move in on Saturday, Aug. 22, and Tuesday, Aug. 25. First-year and transfer students will move in on Sunday, Aug. 23, and Monday, Aug. 24.

Students who are participating in Early Drop Off may return to campus, pick up their key, and stay overnight beginning Monday, Aug. 24. 

  • Sign up for one timeslot between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  • Roommates, suitemates/apartment-mates must sign up for different slots and cannot be in the living space at the same time.
  • Participate in a “drive-through” process to sign your Housing Agreement and pick up your keys.
  • You will have up to two hours to move into your room.
  • You may have one person from your current household inside your building/room with you at any given time

Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing will be strictly enforced. You must produce your negative COVID-19 result before or while picking up your key.

Based on your room assignment that you received through your University of Hartford email address, please click on the link below to select your preferred move-in time slot. Please note you can only sign up for one early drop-off OR move-in time slot. Please use your UHart email address when filling out the form. 

Hawk Hall

A Neighborhood 

B Neighborhood

C Neighborhood

D Neighborhood

E Neighborhood

F Neighborhood


Park River


Move-In 2020 Activities

Move-in weekend at UHart is an exciting time for new and current students. We have planned tons of activities to help you meet new friends in a safe way. You can view the entire schedule below.

Your Student ID

Need a new studnet id? Upload Your Photo online.

Your student ID is used to access facilities around campus, for meals, to obtain a parking pass, and so much more. In order to get your ID available when you arrive on campus, we need a photo from you by Aug 1.

For questions regarding the photo upload process please contact