University of Hartford Announces Transfer Agreement With Connecticut Community Colleges

October 08, 2020

The University of Hartford is making it easier for qualified community college students to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program and continue their education at UHart.

Under the new Connecticut Independent College Transfer Guarantee (Connecticut Guarantee), applicants who earn an associate’s degree from a community college in Connecticut, and achieve a minimum GPA of 2.50, will be guaranteed acceptance to UHart. The University will begin accepting these applications as soon as January 2021 for guaranteed admission. The Connecticut Guarantee also waives application fees, offers a financial aid option that is specifically tailored to community college graduates, and provides clear transfer pathways.

The University of Hartford remains committed to making higher education more accessible in Connecticut. The talented students who take advantage of this opportunity will build upon their quality community college education and graduate from UHart well prepared to join the state’s workforce.

Richard Zeiser, Dean of Admissions

Supported by grants from the Teagle Foundation and the Davis Educational Foundation, the Connecticut Guarantee is a statewide effort to establish systematic transfer pathways between Connecticut's community colleges and four-year independent institutions, which focus on the liberal arts. The Connecticut Guarantee is part of the New England Independent College Transfer Guarantee initiative. UHart is one of the eight four-year independent institutions in Connecticut that signed onto the Guarantee.

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