The Future of Innovation: Recap of the Spring 2022 CETA Design Expo

Student holding sheer jacket presenting to viewers.
Freshman and Sophomore Winning Expo Teams

The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) hosted its Spring 2022 Design Expo on April 29, at the Sports Center.

The CETA Design Expo is a biannual event where student visionaries showcase their innovative projects. First-year students present after their first semester in the fall, sophomores present at the end of their second year in the spring, and seniors present their Capstone design projects in the spring or fall.

Design Evaluation Criteria

Performance: Successful task completion.
Creativity: How creative is the final product?
Level of Difficulty: How complex is the product?
Experimental Verification: 
Was the product performance evaluated according to a set of criteria?

  • Poster: Is the project goal clearly illustrated?
  • Oral: Are students well-rehearsed/prepared?

"It is a source of pride for the CEB faculty to see the professional growth in our students. The quality of the projects at the freshman, sophomore, and senior levels was outstanding. It gives us a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that the hard work of the student and faculty was not in vain."

Dr. Saleh Keshawarz, Professor and Chair Department of Civil, Environmental, and Biomedical Engineering, CETA

Winning Teams and Projects

Group of students posing together smiling for award.
Senior Winning Expo Teams

Each project was thoroughly evaluated by a group of judges including industry professionals, faculty/staff, and CETA student ambassadors. Every team demonstrated creativity, resourcefulness, and intentionality. The projects and teams listed here are the overall expo winners for each course and year.

Freshman - ES 143P

Electric Door Opener

  • Emmanuel Kurinaah
  • Rashed Alazemi
  • Saud Alazemi

Sophomore - ES 242P


  • Dillon Camarillo
  • Likit Kannan
  • Monica Padykula

Thermal Jacket

  • Abdullah Boushehry
  • Caroline Hollingsworth
  • Ian Corn

Peter the Pet Feeder

  • Daniel Jimenez Gil
  • Evan Bouchard
  • Zahrah Alqallaf

Senior - BE 461P, ME 473, ECE 483W, & ADT 489


  • Jason Addi
  • Lauren Winters
  • Spencer Notick

Morphing Wind Turbine

  • Evan Appell
  • Kenneth Ong
  • Pierce Mulholland
  • Raul Illescas
  • Sri Kirushna Kannan
  • Samsundar Saibabu

Method for Automated Rivet Insertion

  • Grace Sierra
  • Jason Marshall
  • Richard Miller

Wearable Echolocator

  • Aidan Cunnane
  • Maisha Maliha
  • Rene Liz
  • Vanessa Martin

Brooklyn Police Station and Patrole Offices, Brooklyn, CT

  • Griffin Ware


Please join CETA in congratulating all students who participated in this semester’s event! A special thank you to all of our student volunteers, faculty/staff, and sponsors who helped support this amazing event.

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