Alcohol and Drug Prevention

The University of Hartford affirms its institutional role of encouraging mature reflection and a free choice of alternatives, which may include the decision to use substances. The guiding principles in this choice should be education, respect, cooperation, and accountability.

At the Health Education and Wellness Center staff provides various educational primary prevention strategies addressing alcohol and other drug abuse. These include motivational interviewing, online education such as Campus Clarity and E-Checkup for drug use, as well as collaborative partnerships with Student Health Services and various community resources. The focus of our work is on education, personal assessment, and risk reduction.

Required Online Education

Before students start school at UHart, they must completed required online education on a range of important topics, including alcohol policies. Healthy Hawks Online Training is a two-and-a-half-hour curriculum about alcohol designed for students, including non-drinkers, light to moderate. In early August new students will receive an email invite to partake in Healthy Hawks Online Training.

Parent Resources

First-year college students are considered an at-risk population for increased alcohol consumption. Help lower alcohol consumption during your student’s first year at college. Use the Parent Handbook Guide to talk with college students about alcohol.

Parent Handbook (PDF)
Parent Handbook (Spanish)(PDF)

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