Health Education and Wellness Center

With a focus on your health and happiness, we offer fun and supportive wellness service programs such as nutrition and fitness, wellness coaching, alcohol and drug prevention, and so much more. Visit us at the lower level of University Commons in room 118, and we will help you to design your personal approach to wellness in all areas of your life.

Holistic health

At the University of Hartford’s Health Education and Wellness Center, we help you design a custom wellness plan by looking at all areas that impact your health and happiness.

Physical Wellness and Nutrition

A huge part of feeling physically fit includes eating nutrient foods and making sure you move every day. At the University of Hartford, we offer healthy fresh food in our dining halls and as an undergraduate student, you can use our fitness center and indoor pool for free. You can also join our many different intramural sports.

If you want more information on how to eat well and affordable, general nutritional guidelines, and diets for athletes, the Health Education and Wellness Center provides educational courses.

Emotional Wellness

At UHart, we understand that college can be a stressful experience. That’s why we offer support with time-management and stress management strategies through the Center for Student Success. If you are facing other challenges such as family issues, our Department of Counseling and Psychological Services is also a good resource.

Spiritual Wellness

A big part of your wellness is your spiritual health, which is the focus on your own personal purpose and a method of creating meaning in your live. Whether that means being part of a family, a community, a faith tradition, or the universe itself, we are healthier when we feel connected. We can help you no matter where you are on your spiritual path by encouraging you to identify what practices, traditions, and experiences nurture your spirit, and helping you to make the time and space for those in your life. On campus, you can also join a religious communities and other clubs.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness means taking care of both your personal surroundings and the local and global environment. Whether you are choosing to beautify your personal spaces, recycling, or bringing awareness to environmental issues, actively engaging with your environment can improve your health and that of the people around you. For assistance and information about campus environments, contact: The Office of Residential Life or the Facilities Department.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is not just about being able to pay for college, but educating yourself and taking responsibility for your financial future as well. Creating a budget, living within your means, and being a savvy consumer can all add to your financial wellness. For information about tuition resources, contact the Office of Financial Aid. For help finding a job now and planning for your career in the future, contact Career Services.

Intellectual Wellness

Much of the college experience focuses on intellectual wellness, not only by working toward a degree, but also by staying curious and engaging in learning new things. The goal is to become a lifelong learner by engaging in creative and mentally challenging activities. Your academic advisor and professors are always available to help you increase your intellectual wellness. Another great resource for assessment and tutoring is the Student Success Center.

Social Wellness

Being in college provides a unique opportunity to meet people from around the world and share experiences with them. When you participate in the University of Hartford community, you are developing and nurturing healthy relationships. This social network can celebrate the joyful moments in your life with you, and offer you support and guidance when things are difficult or stressful. If you are not sure where to start building your social network, check out the Student Government Association and go through the Clubs and Organizations Index.

Sexual Wellness

The Health Education and Wellness Center encourages healthy relationships and recognizes that sexual health is an essential part of being health. Our staff is here to assist you in regard to healthy sexual decision-making, contraception methods, healthy relationships, identity issues, and safe sexual exploration. The Center offers free safe sex supplies with a variety of male condoms, female condoms, lubricant, and dental dams, as well as information on how to choose the best method of contraception and protection for you. We also offer a variety of educational programs upon request for student leaders, groups, and organizations.

Health Education and Wellness Center Staff

Kenna Grant
Director Health and Wellness
Student Affairs
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Gail M. Syring
First-Year Advisor and Assistant Director
Center for Student Success
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Wellness Coaching

Through a collaborative process, the wellness coach works with you to enhance your strengths and turn your challenges into victories. This is done by establishing appropriate action plans, offering support when you struggle, and celebrating when you succeed.

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