Coronavirus Update

In-person classes will not resume for the spring semester. Classes resumed through remote instruction on March 30 and will continue until the end of the semester. Find full details of changes to the University’s schedule and operations, and additional information regarding our response to COVID-19 at

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Coronavirus FAQs

As we continue to monitor and make informed decisions to protect our campus community, we've created a list of frequently asked questions.

This list will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.


Are students allowed to stay on campus?

Residence halls closed on Friday, March 13.

Only students who have successfully petitioned are allowed to stay on campus. The deadline to petition to remain on campus has passed. 

Petitions were considered with documented evidence for one of the following reasons:

  • You are an international student who is unable to return home dur to the CDC's travel restrictions.
  • You have documented evidence of being a ward of the state or are currently homeless. 
  • Your documented home address is currently under quarantine and you cannot return.

When can I pick up the things I left in my residence hall?

We are putting a plan in place for a future move out dates, likely after May 1 and subject to current health regulations and guidelines.

How long will you hold my belongings?

Due to rapidly changing circumstances, we do not have a specific timeline as of now. We are putting a plan in place for a future move out dates, likely after May 1 and subject to current health regulations and guidelines.

We are also identifying areas of campus housing that we may be able to offer in support of our partners in the regional medical community as their needs continue to evolve. We are doing the best we can to develop a plan for storage but a number of factors could limit our space and ability to store furniture.


What if I have already moved out and all I need to do is return my key?

Please mail your room key and room number in a padded envelope to Max Koskoff, Office of Residential Life, 200 Bloomfield Ave. West Hartford CT., 06117. We recommend sending your key via certified mail to ensure proper delivery.

How does this impact students financially?

First and foremost, we have been focused on the health and education of our students. We are working through the complex financial realities of this crisis and will provide an update to students and families by April 15.

We anticipate providing some form of prorated refund for housing and meal plans for graduating students, and an equal financial credit applied toward next year’s costs for other residential students. We are reviewing all state and federal regulations around these anticipated actions.


I'm no longer on campus. What happens to my mail?

Mail Services is currently open, with a limited staff, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They can be reached at 860-768-4210. 

Updated on March 24

  • Mail services is forwarding all First Class mail and packages delivered through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to students’ home addresses that are on file.
  • Packages delivered from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL cannot be forwarded.
  • Updated on March 26: Students may not pick up these packages when they return to campus to pick up their belongings.
    • Students; please contact Mail Services if you want these packages returned to the sender.
  • Remember to change your browser's auto fill to your current address as you continue to order items online.

Making Space for First Responders

In support of our local partners' mitigation efforts, we are making some of our residential areas available for medical staff and first responders. Some of our students were notified their residence halls were selected. The following FAQs apply to those students.


Why is the University moving some belongings?

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the University and other area schools have been asked to immediately provide space for first responders and medical personnel. Moving your belongings will allow us to accommodate this request from our community partners.


Who will be packing the items? How can I trust them?

The University is using professional packing and storage company William B. Meyers. The company has more than 100 years of experience in packing, moving, and storage. Prior to the start of the moving process, staff from Residential Life will video record the contents of each room.

Where are the items being stored?

Items will be stored on University property in a secure, climate-controlled space.


When can I pick up my belongings?

Due to travel restrictions, executive orders from the governor of Connecticut, and the need for social distancing, we are unable to allow you to come to campus to collect your belongings from storage at this time. We are working on selecting another move-out date, likely after May 1, and will communicate that to you as soon as possible.


How will you determine which items belong to who inside the space?

Items will be packed by area. For example, items located on the left side of the room will be packed and labeled “left side, room#, contents.” 


What happens if I need valuables I left behind?

Please determine if these items are essential (i.e. prescription medicine) and then email your request to Residential Life at


How will you know what is trash and what is not?

Due to health and safety regulations, perishable food items will be thrown out. This includes dirty dishes and utensils. Nonperishable food items may either be donated or thrown away. All other items will be packed and stored. This includes posters, pictures, etc.


What if I notice something broken or missing once I unpack my items?

If items are missing or broken, you will be able to contact WB Meyers to make a claim.


Are you doing this to all the spaces? If not, why was mine selected?

The University identified your residence based on the requirements we received from the first responders and medical professionals.

If I’m staying in the same space next year, can I choose to not have my items packed and just leave them there?

Even if you are planning to stay in the same space as next year, all items will be packed and stored.

Will this cost me anything?

The University will be covering this expense at no cost to the student.


If I need to turn in my key, how do I do that?

Please mail your room key and room number to Max Koskoff, Office of Residential Life, 200 Bloomfield Ave. West Hartford CT, 06117. We recommend putting your key in a padded envelope and sending it via certified mail to ensure proper delivery.


Classes and Academics

When will in-person classes resume?

Facing these realities outside of our control, the University of Hartford will not resume in-person classes for the spring semester. Classes will resume through remote instruction on March 30 and continue until the end of the semester.

Our faculty are actively working on creative solutions to deliver educational content in new and innovative ways. More information will be communicated to students as soon as possible.

How is Advance Registration impacted?

To give you adequate time to have advising conversations, Advance Registration for undergraduate students will begin on Monday, April 13. Graduate students and part-time students will begin registration on Wednesday, April 15.

Please see the Registration site for complete details.

Can I take remote courses P/NP?

We are temporarily lifting the rule that only “one class per semester may be taken P/NP”. You may elect, for this semester only, to take any of your courses on a P/NP basis to minimize concerns over how grades will impact your GPA. (Note: this does not include Term 1, 7-week courses.)

However, this comes with a number of considerations that you must discuss with your advisor.

  • Some programs require a specific grade (e.g., B or better) in a course in order to advance in the major or earn your degree. In this case, a P/NP option is not a good choice, or the course will have to be retaken in the future to meet program requirements.
  • Some programs require grades to meet accreditation requirements. In these cases, a P/NP option is not a good choice, or the course will have to be retaken in the future for a letter grade.
  • For current undergraduate students, many graduate and professional programs require a grade in a course when applying to the program. In this case, a P/NP option is not advisable, or you should retake the course in the future.
  • You may need a certain GPA in order to be removed from Academic Probation or to be placed on Dean’s List.  If this is important to you, you should weigh the pros and cons of changing courses to P/NP when reviewing with your academic advisor.

How do I change a class to P/NP?

Changes to grading options, including P/NP and withdrawals can be made until May 5 (the last day of classes). If you want to change a course to P/NP or W, you must:

  • Inform your advisor or graduate program director via email of the desire to make the change.  Please include your:
    • ID number
    • Course title
    • Course Registration Number (CRN)
    • Your advisor or graduate program director will review any concerns and give you an opportunity to respond.
    • Your advisor or graduate program director will then notify the Center for Student Success ( to change the grading option to P/NP or W. This must be done on or before May 5.

Are Study Abroad trips still scheduled?

All Study Abroad trips for this semester and this summer are cancelled.


When and where is Commencement?

We will honor our seniors on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at noon at downtown Hartford’s XL Center.


Who will be invited to participate in the ceremony?

Those who would have been recognized in May 2020 will join our graduates eligible for our December 2020 Commencement.


How was the date selected?

Student leaders, University administrators, and deans discussed the best option among the limited dates available in December at downtown Hartford’s XL Center. They selected Dec. 15.


What if I am unable to attend the rescheduled ceremony?

We still want you to be a part of the celebration. We will be streaming the ceremony live and then offering it for on-demand viewing at your convenience. We will be reading the names of all eligible graduates, not just those who are in attendance that day.  


Will there still be a separate doctoral hooding ceremony?

Yes. That small ceremony has been rescheduled for Sunday, Dec. 6, at 10:30 a.m. in Lincoln Theater on campus.


I have other questions that are not listed here.

Please visit to review our updated information about receiving your caps and gowns, final transcripts, and other logistical information. If you have any questions about any aspect of Commencement, please email 


Campus Life and Events

How will this impact other University-sponsored events?

Out of an abundance of caution, UHart is postponing or canceling non-essential events or work-related gatherings scheduled to take place on campus for the forseeable future.

What does this include?

  • Events sponsored by the University and by individual schools, colleges, departments or offices; student-sponsored events; and events held or sponsored by external organizations
  • Presidents' College courses and lectures have been canceled for the remainder of the spring semester.
  • The Office of Admission is reviewing visit opportunities and policies, and will communicate with prospective and admitted students over the coming week to share alternate means of engaging with UHart.
  • At this time, the University is in consultation with conference and national athletics governing organizations regarding the schedules of all spring sports.

We will continue to evaluate the status of events and communicate any changes as soon as possible.

What is open on campus?

Please see the list of current hours of operation within the Coronavirus website, which will be updated frequently as information changes.

What should a student, faculty, or staff member do if they are planning to travel, or have recently traveled?

Please see all travel guidelines posted to our coronavirus updates website for more information.

How will the coronavirus impact prospective international students?

Our International Admission Office has revised its admission procedures due to the coronavirus. Accommodations are being made for international students applying for undergraduate programs for the 2020 Fall Semester, which begins in September. 

Please visit the International Admission website for the details.

How is this affecting the programming for the Hartt Community Division?

Friday, March 13 through Friday, March 20
  • All HCD activities (private instruction, group instruction–music and dance, rehearsals, recitals, performances, etc.) will be canceled.
  • During this period of closure, you will receive additional information regarding resources and next steps for remote, online private lessons for the weeks of March 21–April 5.
  • As this is a school closure, and in accordance with our policies, faculty will be required to ensure that each private lesson student receives the services they have registered for.
Saturday, March 21 through Sunday, April 5
  • All group instruction (ensembles, chamber music, jazz and popular music, dance, etc.) will remain canceled through Sunday, April 5. A decision about extending this cancelation will be made no later than March 27. This brief pause will still allow us to meet the educational/artistic goals for all group instruction.

All recitals, performances, and events cancelled during this period will not be rescheduled.

At this time, The Hartt School Community Division will not issue refunds for 2019-20 activities. An assessment on any possible refunds for missed instruction will be made in tandem with the University of Hartford’s decision regarding continued instruction after April 5.

Information will be communicated as quickly as possible. Please continue to check your email for periodic updates. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to navigate this ever-evolving situation and provide safe, effective solutions for all HCD students and families.

Support for Students

Is there someone to help me adjust to working online?

The Center for Student Success (CSS) will have team members available for one-on-one coaching or questions as they come up. Please feel free to email or use Compass to set up an appointment at any time. All appointments will be conducted remotely; the CSS staff will guide you through that process.

If you are a student that is concerned about your ability to learn remotely for any reason, including because you do not have the technology available to do so, please email as soon as possible.


Is tutoring available?

Yes. You can request a tutoring appointment via Compass.


Is there mental health support?

It's very important to care for your mental health during this challenging time. CAPS will maintain regular business hours (Monday through Friay, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) on a remote basis.

If you would like to speak with a therapist, please call CAPS at 860.768.4482 and leave a voicemail. Or, email CAPS Director Dr. Jeff Burda at Questions from faculty, staff, or others should be directed to Dr. Burda. 

If this is an emergency on campus, please contact Public Safety at 860.768.7777. 
If this is an off-campus emergency requiring immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest ER.


Employee Information

Are employees expected to report to work?

We are now asking employees to work remotely for the foreseeable future. Essential personnel have been in contact with direct supervisors.

All faculty and staff are required to submit this form to Public Safety in order to gain approval for access to campus buildings.

What health recommendations are in place for essential employees?

While most of our workforce is now working from home, there are employees who must remain on campus to support our students or continue vital business operations. Our goal is to provide a healthy work environment for everyone and, in turn, to minimize the risk of illness whenever possible. As a means to achieve this goal, we would like to offer the following reminders aimed at reducing the risk of illness in the workplace:

  • First and foremost, stay home if you are sick or presenting any associated symptoms
  • Always cover your cough and sneeze
  • Wash your hands well and often
  • Utilize tissues and hand sanitizers whenever possible
  • Keep your work station clean
  • Maintain 6 feet of space between you and your co-workers whenever possible
  • Contact your personal physician if you are experiencing symptoms
Some of our employees may be particularly vulnerable to catching COVID-19 due to their age, underlying health conditions, or other factors. Please see the CDC’s list of high-risk groups. Contact HRD if you fall into one of these categories and have been asked to work—or are still working—on campus for any reason, or if you wish to request an accommodation for any other health-related issue.

Is there technical support for employees?

Information Technology Services will remain staffed. If you need assistance while on campus, please make an appointment by emailing

There are additional technology resources available online.

Should student employees be working?

We are also working through the details for the employment of work-study students, graduate assistants, and other student workers. We are asking these students to reach out to their direct supervisors, who will be able to share additional details and directives. Student workers of any kind should not be on campus at this time.


Health, Wellness, and Prevention

How can I help reduce the spread of coronavirus?

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue into the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.