Text-Alert System

Emergency Notifications

The University of Hartford provides an emergency notification system that enables University students, faculty, and staff to receive alerts and updates as text messages on cell phones and through their UHart email accounts.

Students, faculty, and staff must have an accurate cell phone number recorded as "Cellular Phone" in the Self-Service Center in order to receive emergency text notifications.

If you're not a student or UHart employee but would like to receive emergency notifications as a parent or short-term visitor to campus, you may register at UHart Alert login.

Your Contact Information

To confirm that your current cell phone number is recorded specifically as "Cellular Phone" in the Self-Service Center, please follow these steps:

Students, Faculty, and Staff

  1. Log into the Self-Service Center.
  2. Click on “Personal Information” tab
  3. Click the “View/Update Personal Information" (last option on menu) link.
  4. Go into "Phone Number" section and  review your phone number listings. Add/change as needed in the cellular phone field to enable accurate delivery of emergency text notifications.

What do I need to do to receive text message alert notifications?

Students, faculty, and staff may receive text alerts based on the cell number on file with the University as shown in the Self-Service Center. Students, faculty, and staff should confirm that an accurate cell number is displayed in the "Cellular Phone" field of their student or employee information.

Do I need to renew or sign up each year?

No, once you have confirmed that your cell phone number is showing in the Self-Service Center as described above, you will not need to renew. You will receive emergency text alerts as long as you are an active student, faculty, or staff member.

What if my cell number is listed in the Self-Service Center as my primary or home number?

Your cell phone number must also be listed as your "cellular phone" in order for you to receive emergency text alerts.

Why was my cell number not already recorded in the Self-Service Center?

While students and employees now provide cell phone numbers when they enter the University of Hartford, this has not been the case universally in the past. Thus, many upperclassmen, faculty, and staff members will find it necessary to add cell phone information to their records in the Self-Service Center in order to receive emergency text alerts.

What if I have trouble logging into the Self-Service Center?

Please call the Help Desk at 860.768.4357 or email

What if my cell phone is not set up to receive text messages or I do not have a cell phone?

You cannot participate in the text message alert system if you don't have a cell phone set up to receive text messages. Independent of text alerts, you will automatically receive all emergency alerts through your official University email.

What if my cell phone number changes?

If you change your cell number, you will need to modify your information in the Self-Service Center.

After I have registered, how do I confirm that my cell phone will receive an alert?

The University will send a test text alert once each semester. If you experience problems receiving the test text message, contact the Help Desk at 860.768.4357 for assistance. Please note that the transmission time for text message delivery can vary.

What will the alert system messages tell me?

The emergency text message alert will state the type of emergency and indicate possible action.

If you have difficulty logging into the Self-Service Center or questions about emergency text notifications, contact the Help Desk at 860.768.4357 or email