Emergency Medical Service Program

The University of Hartford is re-launching our student-run emergency medical service first responder program in spring 2021.

Medical Service First Responder Program

Program Announcements
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The University of Hartford’s Emergency Medical Service Program is a student-run emergency medical service, staffed with student volunteers who are either certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or EMTs in training. Under the guidance of our qualified University of Hartford personnel and a medical director affiliated with St. Francis Hospital, the team will strive to assist in meeting the emergency medical needs of our community.

EMS at UHart

The EMS team will be housed in the Public Safety Community Office, working in partnership with the full Office of Public Safety. The program is equipped with a dedicated UHart EMS response vehicle, complete EMT medical equipment, and identifying uniforms.

The program adheres to all federal and state statutes regarding a patient's privacy as it relates to treatment. Each year, the EMS team will provide first-aid instruction opportunities to the UHart community in areas such as CPR, AED usage, and basic first aid, as well as recruiting new members to train as EMTs.

Benefits to Participating

The benefits to participating in the UHart EMS program are numerous and clear – help your community, hone necessary clinical skills, develop a community service portfolio, and position yourself for a potential future career. Specifically, the program will provide valuable, hands-on experiences for those pursuing professions in medicine, health sciences, public service, and law enforcement. You will also have the opportunity to build critical skills in leadership and crisis management.

Interesting in joining our student-run EMS program?

If you are an EMT or wish to be an EMT, and are interested in learning more, please contact Sgt. Chaun Jones, community relations program sergeant, at