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Kieu-My Nguyen '20

April 27, 2020
Kieu-My Ngyen '20

Next stop: Medical school to become an osteopathic physician

Graduating commuter student Kieu-My Nguyen will be attending medical school this coming fall at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine to become an osteopathic physician. Her passion for medicine, the faculty and classroom guidance in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions, and involvement on campus equipped her for this exciting endeavor.

The classes at UHart prepared Kieu-My for the expected content on the MCAT, the admission test for medical school. She says that the pre-professional advising classes taught her about the process of applying to and becoming admitted into medical school. “The professors have gone above and beyond to help me get to this point,” she says.

As a member of the Honors Program, Kieu-My was able to conduct hydration research with Dr. Colleen Munoz. Additionally, Dr. Claudia Oakes was both her pre-med and honors project advisor. Her senior honors project involved researching the recommended concussion management practices and turning that information into a presentation to educate students. These two professors in particular had an effect on Kieu-My and her future success. She says that “all the faculty and staff I’ve had classes with were so helpful and did everything they could for everyone to be successful.”

But it wasn’t just the experiences in the classroom that help prepare Nguyen for medical school. She says that the clubs she joined “gave me the opportunity to hold several leadership positions and develop leadership skills.” It was the responsibilities of academics and extracurriculars that taught her time management skills.

She credits UHart with her personal and academic development over the past four years. “I definitely wouldn’t have become the person I am today without my experiences here.” Even as a commuter, Nguyen feels like she “got a great college experience.” At first she had to put herself out there, but once she did, it was smooth sailing.

When asked about her favorite thing at UHart, she promptly replies “the people!” She says that in addition to excellent faculty and staff, “the students really seem to care about each other and come together as a community. Collaboration is definitely valued here and it’s because of the people.”

Her biggest piece of advice to new students (including commuters, like herself), is to get involved.  “It might seem intimidating at first, but people work really hard to make you feel welcome” when joining a club or organization. Kieu-My believes that at UHart, “you get to meet people that have similar interests, make new friends, learn new skills, and even expand your views by hearing different opinions.”

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The students really seem to care about each other and come together as a community. Collaboration is definitely valued here and it’s because of the people."

Kieu-My Nguyen '20, Health Sciences/Pre-Professional