Jesus Rodriguez ’24 Joins CGI as a Software Developer

Jesus Rodriguez '24
Jesus Rodriguez '24

Computer Science major Jesus Rodriguez ’24 starts his new position as a software developer at CGI in Hartford this June, after already completing two summer internships with the company. CGI is one of the largest IT and business consulting firms in the world. He secured his first internship there in summer 2022 when UHart Professor and Computing Sciences Department Chair Carolyn Pe Rosiene nominated him for the CGI Diversity scholarship, available to UHart students in the computer engineering, computer science, data analytics, and data science programs. “After I did the interview with CGI and they asked me about doing an internship with them,” he says.

Jesus says his internship responsibilities involved working on Python computer language programming tasks which ranged from explaining one group’s written code to another group, to automating portions of client computer systems. “Before coming to UHart, I had almost no experience in programming,” says Jesus. “Thanks to a software development course, which sought to emulate a real-world programming project, I was able to prepare for my new role at CGI. I was not only learned basic programming skills, but I was also able to build upon those skills in a real-world environment.” He also credits the Career Preparation course, required of all College of Arts and Sciences students, with helping him learn how to create and maintain a resume.

Jesus says one of the biggest benefits of his UHart education is the mentoring he received from Professor Rosiene. “Not only was she the one to nominate me for the CGI scholarship, but she is always around to assist me with any trouble I run into with assignments and projects.”

He advises new computer science students to seek help from professors and tutors when you need it. “Thinking a problem through with a more experienced programmer is a surefire way to improve your programming skills and will show that you care about your education,” he says.

Outside of class, Jesus says one of his favorite things about UHart is attending performances at The Hartt School. “I really enjoy music so having free access to a rather prestigious music school's plays and concerts in my spare time is quite nice.”

Before coming to UHart, I had almost no experience in programming, Thanks to the classes I took prior to the internship, I was not only able to learn basic programming skills, but I was also able to build upon those skills in a real-world environment.

Jesus Rodriguez '24, College of Arts and Sciences