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Eleven Honors Seniors to Present at 2020 NRHC Conference

January 26, 2020
Submitted By: Don Jones
HON Seniors at the 2018 NRHC Conference
HON Seniors at the 2018 NRHC Conference

Organized by the Director of the Honors Program, Dr. Donald Jones, eleven students applied and all have been accepted to present at Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference. The NRHC Conference will be held on April 3-4 at Albany, NY. As listed below, each student has been mentored by a senior honors advisor:


 2020 Student Presenters at NRHC:

A&S Humanities:        

  • Prachi Bhandutia - Exigencies of Powerful Voices: Problems with Rhetoric in Early African-American Literature (advisor Dr. Bryan Sinche)
  • Cheran RushGrowing Pains: Writing Childhood for the Silver Screen (advisor Prof. Lauren Cook)


Social Sciences: 

  • Mason Brooks - Establishing a Link between Military Veterans and Recovery Residences Amidst an Opioid Epidemic (advisor Dr. Wes Younts)
  • Caitlin Cabral - A Cultural Truth: Trajectories of Marijuana Use (advisor Dr. Matthew Costello)


  • William Phillips  - The Formation of a Low-Concentration-Detecting Co(II) Ion-Selective Electrode (advisor Dr. Ed Gray)


  • James Brino - Enhancing Ribbon Microphones: Giving Millions the Ability to Witness History (advisor Dr. Eoin King)


  • Sydney Lyncook - Empowering Those with Visual Impairments and Expanding Health Care Capacities (advisor Dr. Claudia Oakes)
  • Quimby Wechter – Axial Rotation in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Empowering Greater Activity (advisor Dr. Sandra Saavedra)


  • Deanna Casey - Finding My Voice Through Music (advisor Prof. Javon Jackson)
  • Madelyn Stewich – Educational Directorial Decisions for Ancient Voices to be Heard (advisor Prof. Michelle Fiertek)


  • Emily RussoTeaching Children to Speak Up for Themselves (advisor – Prof. Jeremiah Patterson)