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Exciting New UIS Course: Democracy Across the Disciplines

February 06, 2020
Submitted By: Katharine A Owens

The University Interdisciplinary Studies program is excited to announce the faculty who will be teaching our new interdisciplinary course: Democracy Across the Disciplines in the Fall of 2020.

The lead faculty for the course will be Inobe Thomas from the The Hartt School and Nels Highberg from the College of Arts and Sciences.

This innovative and exciting course will bring together faculty and experts to present lectures on the topic of democracy from the perspective of their own expertise and disciplines.


This will include:

Inobe Thomas: Exploratory Voice: Identity and Protest in Songs of Black America

Nels Highberg: The American Flag in Contemporary American Art

Adam Chiara: Social Media: Boosting or Busting Our Democracy?

Michael Clancy: Defining Democracy and Exploring Global Trends

Patricia Jaeger: Tax Law: How Congress Uses it to Subsidize and Penalize Almost Everything

Susan Reid: Democracy and Education: Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement

Rochelle DuFord: Critics of Democracy

Rebecca Townsend: Regular People, Real Power: Political Advocacy in Local Governments

Rebecca Townsend: Rhetorical Practices that Cultivate and Destroy Liberal Democratic Practice

endawnis Spears, Chris Newell, and Jason Mancini of the Akomawt Educational Initiative: Native Culture and Democracy