Employment Manual Update

December 09, 2020
Submitted By: Jen Conley

The Employment Manual has recently been updated to clarify Emergency Campus closings, including inclement weather. The below has been added or changed to the noted section: 

1.01, Emergency Procedures

  • Added to Emergency Campus Closing:

Staff in jobs that are able to work from home and equipped from home are expected to continue business operations/functions and work their normal schedule in the event of an emergency campus closing, including closings for inclement weather. Staff who choose not to work from home in the event of an emergency campus closing, including inclement weather, will be required to use personal and/or vacation time, or be unpaid if their time off banks are exhausted.

Staff who are unable to work from home (due to the nature of their positions or due to interruption of utilities, such as power or internet) during an emergency campus closing may record their time as “University Close.”

5.04, Personal Days

  • Removed University Close Pay from 2. Eligibility for Personal Days


5.16, Regular Part time Positions

  • Removed 6. Emergency Closing


The Employment Manual can be accessed by logging into your Employee Self-Service account under the ‘Employee’ tab.   

HRD will continue to ensure that the most current version of the Employment Manual is available on Employee Self Service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact