Graduate Regents Awards and Research/Creativity Symposium

April 23, 2021
Submitted By: Jessica Pawlik-York

The annual Regents’ Honor Awards for Graduate Students are the highest recognition of accomplishments that the University bestows on graduate students. Criteria for selection include a GPA of at least 3.8, significant scholarship, and community service. The awards will be followed by the Graduate Research/Creativity Symposium which showcases presentations of graduate student work from a varety of programs. Please join us for this great evening. 

Graduate Regents Awards: Monday, April 26, 6 p.m.-6:40 p.m.

With distinguished guests: Gregory Woodward, President; H. Frederick Sweitzer, Provost; and David Gordon, Chair, Board of Regents

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Symposium/Group 1, Room Lead, Jessica Pawlik-York 

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Steph Brown, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Program: An Individual Non-Participatory Observational Analysis of the Netflix Documentary Series: A Chef’s Table. Faculty Advisor: Karen Case.

Anne Bramlage, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Program: Experiencing Self-Advocacy: Accounts of Female Students with Disabilities in Higher Education  Faculty Advisor: Karen Case

Ellen Swider, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Program: Latching on to Success: An Exploratory Study of Lactation Support Available to Student-Parents. Faculty Advisor: Karla Loyasuare

Symposium/Group 2, Room Lead, Erica Brilhart 

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Saeid Atashpanjeh, MS Neuroscience, The Effects of Increasing Extracellular Alpha-Synuclein Concentrations on APoE e4/e4 Mature Astrocytes Derived from iPSCs. Faculty Advisor: Andrew Koob

Kevin Charland, MS Neuroscience, Influence of a Ketogenic Diet on Metabolism and Neuroinflammation in a Triple Transgenic Alzheimer’s Mouse Model. Faculty Advisor: Paola Sacchetti

Symposium/Group 3, Room Lead: Karen Duhamel 

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Erika Leonard, Master of Science in Nursing Program, Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory Concept Map.  Faculty Advisor: Karen Duhamel

Kim Mellekas, Master of Science in Nursing Program , H.R. 2339: Protecting American Lungs and Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2020. Faculty Advisor: Karen Duhamel

Kate Yoder, Master of Science in Nursing Program, Human Trafficking Project Change.   Faculty Advisor: Karen Duhamel

Symposium/Group 4, Room Lead: Desiree Kleykamp 

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Esther Shuyue Cao, Doctor of Musical Arts Program, Sounds from Yunnan – Hulusi

Faculty Advisor: Gilda Lyons

Nathan Scalise, Doctor of Musical Arts Program, “Aqueous Layers:” Exploring Polyrhythm and Interlocking Structures. Faculty Advisor: Gilda Lyons 

Symposium/Group 5, Room Lead: Felicia Roberts 

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Birce Tanriguden, Master of Music Education Program, Online Music Education During COVID: A Phenomenological Investigation  Faculty Advisor: Joshua Russell

Jennifer Citarelli, Doctor of Musical Arts Program, Three Gifts: Compositional Goals & Voice Leading in Amherst College Songs  Faculty Advisor: Gilda Lyons