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Number of UHON Graduates Almost Reaches 2019-20 Records

May 26, 2021
Submitted By: Don Jones

In 2021, the number of seniors completing the University’s Honors Program capped a ten -year period of remarkable growth. Despite a full academic year during the pandemic, 68 seniors graduated with University Honors. This total almost reaches the records set in 2019 and again in 2020 when there were 70 UHON graduates in each year. 

With 70, 70, and 68 UHON graduates in the last three academic years, the annual average for the last ten years, meaning from 2012 to 2021, is 50 honors graduates per year. The expansion of the Honors Program began in 2008 so if one looks back to the preceding ten- year period (from 1998-2007), the average number of UHON graduates was ten. Thus, the Honors Program has had remarkable growth: a fivefold increase!

These results are a testament to the dedication of the Honors Program leaders (co-Directors Dr. Donald Jones and Dr. Claudia Oakes), the Honors Coordinator of each college, and the professors who mentored these students.

For the complete list of the 68 honors graduates in 2020-21, please see below:


Megan Anderson*                  Biology

Nathan Carr                            Economics

Courtney Cummings               Economics

Juli Dajci*                               Politics and Government

Jillian Ernst                             Biology

Daniel Falhovich                    Economics 

Lorenzo Genovese*                Cinema

John Gauglione*                     Biology

Steffany Hamilton*                Politics and Government

Hannah Jones                          Communication

Jaylen Lee*                             Cinema

Meghan Lenz                          Cinema            

Brooke MacKinnon                Premed Biology

Abigail Myers*                       Biochemistry

Leandro Pageas                    Communications

Kate Pascarello*                     Psychology

Erika Peterson                        Psychology

Ayanna Perez*                        Psychology

Lauren Romano*                    Psychology

Jared Rubin*                           Math/CS

Darby Trowbridge                  Biology

Samantha Urban                    Digital Media and Journalism

        *University Honors with Thesis



Yoanny Britto                         Management

Cameron Diaz                        Management

Kaitlyn Keeler                        Finance and Insurance

Cristian Maisonet                   Marketing 

Abby Nash                             Management   

Victoria Paolini                      Marketing

Christina Roy                         Accounting

Evan Sokolik                          Accounting

Nicole Taylor                          Accounting      



Jack Breton                             Mechanical Engineering and Acoustics

Maeve Cantwell                      Mechanical Engineering and Acoustics

Nicole Carr (Sept. 2020)        Biomedical Engineering

Michael Carroll                       Acoustical Engineering and Music

Chris Stauber                         Mechanical Engineering and Acoustics

Eva VonDell                           Acoustical Engineering and Music



Brittany Braun                        Health Science - Pre-Professional

Emma Brown                         Physical Therapy

Matthew Glassoff                   Health Science - Physical Therapy

Margaret Hoffauer                  Physical Therapy

Amary Miralles-Castro           Elementary Education

Hinal Rana                             Health Sciences - Pre-Med

Allison Tappen                       Radiologic Technology



Kristina Anastasiades            Music Education

Jacob Clark                            Music

Jarrett Cordeiro                      Actor Training

Liana Glennan                        Music Theater

Hannah Gunderschein           Music Theater

Mario Houle                           Music Theater

Matthew Katsigianis              Actor Training

Natalie Kowalski                    Music Education

Rose Kortrey                         Actor Training

Emma McKeen                     Actor Training


William Reilly                         Actor Training

Claire Rice                             Music Theater

Omar Sandakly                      Musical Composition

Hallie Scammell                     Performing Arts Management

Sophia Smekens                   Music Theater

Paige Stawasz                       Performing Arts Management

Madelyn Stewich (Dec. 20)    Music Education - Vocal

Alexander Trevisan                Music Theater

Anna Waiter                           Music Theater

Morgan Zweibel                     Music Theater



Karina Bach                            Illustration

Sarah Baillargeon                   Painting

Sydney Samele                       Print-making

Caya Tull                                 Design