UHart Members Awarded By NASA CT Space Grant Consortium

May 10, 2021
Submitted By: Stephanie Fengler

Four members of the University of Hartford, including two students and two faculty, were among the 14 faculty member and 28 undergraduate/graduate student award recipients of the NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium (CTSGC) Spring 2021 Call for Proposals.

Janae Kellarakos ’23, a physics major with minor in mechanical engineering, will be working with UHart’s multiscale electromagnetic research group for her research, “Horn Antenna Design and Construction for Preparation of Metasurface Beam-Steering Implementation for 21cm Neutral Hydrogen Detection.”

Nishita Mirchandani ’22, an electrical engineering major, will be conducting aerodynamics research for UHart’s Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) race car in her research, “MINK Aero: Active Aero Rear Wing.”

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Reihaneh Jamshidi plans to investigate the effect of thermal cycling in space, on the mechanical properties of the 3D-printed parts in her research, “Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of 3D-printed Structures for Space Applications.”

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Cy Yavuzturk plans to conduct an experimental/analytical assessment of heat transfer and flow characteristics of graphene-doped nanofluids in concentric tube heat exchangers in his research, “Transport and Flow Characteristics of Graphene-Doped Nanofluids in Double-Pipe Heat Exchangers.”

Read more about the recipients’ planned research here.