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46th Annual Roger Poe Golf Classic to Take Place in June 2022

August 20, 2021
Submitted By: Sharon Beverly and Kate Pendergast

After much deliberation with staff organizers of the Roger Poe Classic Golf Tournament, we have come to the decision to hold the 46th Annual Roger Poe Classic in June 2022. While in recent years we have held the tournament in September, we look forward to returning to its traditionally scheduled time, in the month of June, at the Blackledge Country Club.

As with many of you, it is a priority for us to devote our full attention and efforts this fall to supporting our student-athletes. Organizers of the Classic will have the opportunity to extend planning and preparations for the tournament to the spring. Also, by June 2022, we expect to be able to publicly announce the Division III conference Hartford Athletics will be joining, and we hope to share and celebrate that with you and our loyal supporters.

The Roger Poe Classic is one of our most notable traditions and is an event that many Hawk Nation Club members look forward to each year. We will share plans for the Roger Poe Classic as soon as they are confirmed and are excited to begin plans for this important event.

Sharon Beverly, Acting Vice President of Athletics and Recreation
Kate Pendergast, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs