Week One: Disabilities Acceptance Month

October 07, 2021
Submitted By: Disabilities Affinity Network

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). The University of Hartford Disabilities Affinity Network continues to celebrate NDEAM this week focusing on the topic of Acceptance and inclusion

Show your support of inclusion for individuals with disabilities by displaying a poster on campus from the What Can You Do Campaign!

Display the “What Can YOU Do?” posters, which feature the “I Can” PSA participants sharing positive messages about disability and employment.

Display the “Who I Am” Poster Series to show that when we look at someone, we don’t always see all of who they are. The cast members of the “Who I Am” PSA are the sum of their many life roles and not defined only by their disability.

For young people with disabilities, relationships with caring adults with high expectations go a long way toward fostering independence, self-sufficiency and a fulfilling career. Display the “Because” Poster Series to help spread the message that each of us has the power to inspire others to achieve success.

Display the “Working Works” Poster Series to emphasize the value of work and important roles that individuals, employers and health-care professionals play in helping people stay at or return to work following injury or illness.

This Unote is sponsored by the UHart Disabilities Affinity Network.  This Affinity Network is open to all University employees.  We meet monthly.  

For questions about the Disabilities Affinity Network contact Ben Ide or Dave Stender