2022 Benefit Summary Available

December 17, 2021
Submitted By: hrd

You can now view your elected benefits for calendar year 2022 in your Employee Self-Service portal. The benefit summary is grouped in alphabetical order by type of payroll deduction. As you are reviewing your benefits, please scroll through the entire page and review each benefit/deduction grouping to review your elections.  

As a reminder, some benefits include both Employee and University premium contribution while others are either Employee or University premium contribution only.  

NOTE:  The University contribution to the Health Savings Accounts will reflect only half of the annual contribution. 

If you cover dependents for medical, dental or vision insurance and do not see them identified under the specific benefit, please contact

To access your personal benefit summary: 

  1. Log in to your Self-Service portal
  2. Click on the Employee Tab
  3. Click the Benefits and Deductions link
  4. Click the Benefits Summary link
  5. Choose “Select”
  6. As of Date (please choose 1/2/2022) 
  7. Choose “Select”

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions regarding your benefit summary, please contact Human Resources Development.

You play an important role in maintaining the security of your confidential personal information.  Please DO NOT share your Self Service account log-in credentials or passwords with anyone.  Please be advised that Information Technology Services (ITS) will never ask for your password via email. Always verify requests for personal information before providing sensitive data or passwords.