Updating Payroll Address

December 07, 2021
Submitted By: David Boot

As we get closer to the end of the year, a reminder, if you are a graduating student or a staff or faculty that is retiring, please update your “Payroll Address” with the Human Resources Department if needed.

If you are a graduating student who needs to update their “Payroll Address”,

If you are a staff or faculty member who needs to update their “Payroll Address”.

The Payroll Address is the address that shows on your check stubs and your W2 and is not an address that can be updated through Self-Service. We want to make sure that when the W2s in January are produced, we have the most accurate address to mail your W2 to.

Upon separation from the University, your self service will be inactivated in the Banner system, you will no longer have access to the Employee Self-Service portion and electronic consent will be removed, so that a paper W2 can be mailed to you.

Also, for active Faculty, Staff and Students, you may elect receive your Form W-2 electronically. To do this, please log in to the self-service site, click on the employee tab, click on Tax Forms, then click on Electronic W-2 Consent. By electing Electronic Consent, a paper copy will not be mailed to your “Payroll Address”.  If you decide you don’t want this feature in the future, this can be turned off by removing the check mark.

After you have consented to receive your Form W-2 electronically and once the W2s for 2021 are ready, click on W-2 Year End Earnings Statement. Select the tax year from the menu and click on display.  You may print the form by selecting “Printable W-2”.  You will be asked to enter your PIN, (same as your password for self-service), then click on Submit.  A printable version will return should you need to print to attach to your tax return(s).

Thank You,
The Payroll Department