Honors Contracts Due Feb. 18

January 27, 2022
Submitted By: Claudia Oakes

There is a link to the Honors Contract Form on the Honors web page (in the Forms tab). 

It is important to note that when filling out the Honors Contract Form, the e-mail address for both the student and the professor MUST be a address. Please double check to ensure that the e-mail address is spelled correctly. It must include If there are two (or more) instructors for the course, only one instructor can receive the contract; the system will not recognize more than one e-mail address. 

After discussing the project with the instructor, complete the contract online. Your professor immediately receives an e-mail that describes the plan for the contract. The e-mail comes from Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate (

When the professor accepts or rejects the contract, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification.  If you do not receive an e-mail about the contract, please check with the professor to see if s/he received it. 

Honors Contracts are due on Feb. 18, 2022

Remember, you do not need to complete an Honors Contract if you are taking an Honors (HON) course.