Doctoral Studies Added to Tuition Remission Benefit

February 14, 2022
Submitted By: HRD

The Tuition Remission Chapter in the Employment Manual (5.12) has recently been updated.  Doctoral Studies have been added to the tuition remission benefit. This change was initiated by discussions the Benefits Task Force and Senior Administration.  

5.12 Tuition Remission and Other Educational Benefits and Opportunities

Doctoral Studies have been added to the eligible degrees under the Tuition Remission Benefit.  The  following was updated within the chapter:

e. An employee is not precluded from taking doctoral courses; however, in order to be eligible for this benefit the employee must have worked at the University for a minimum of three consecutive years.  In addition, the program will have to verify that space is available within existing resources and seats are available for a University employee, with priority for available seats given to paying students.  Should an employee be admitted and no seats are available, the employee will be added to a waitlist for the next available empty seat within the program. The employee’s supervisor and University Officer must support the request and the Provost will provide final approval. Interested employees would first have to be admitted to the program through the standard doctoral admissions process.  If an employee leaves the University while admitted to the program under the tuition remission benefit, he/she will become financially responsible for the costs associate with the program following the resignation. 

The Employment Manual can be accessed by logging into your Employee Self-Service account under the ‘Employee’ tab.   

HRD will continue to ensure that the most current version of the Employment Manual is available on Employee Self Service. 

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