Funding Opportunity Greenberg Junior Faculty Research Grants

February 08, 2022
Submitted By: Amanda Pasler

The Greenberg Junior Faculty (GJF) Grants are internal grant awards intended to promote high-quality scholarship (e.g., research, creative activity) by full-time faculty members who are just beginning their careers.  Greenberg Junior Faculty Grants are intended (1) to provide seed funds for scholarly and other projects which may be submitted to outside funding agencies, or (2) to fund worthwhile scholarly or professional productivity activities of a one-time nature. The maximum award is $9,550.  

Funds may be used in the following ways (including, but not limited to):

  • up to $7,550 to be applied toward two course releases during the academic year for adjunct faculty salaries and benefits. 
  • scholarship-related expenses, including
    • Conference expenses
    • Technology expenses 
    • Software purchases 
    • Student research assistants 
    • Travel, etc.

Individuals eligible for an award must be full-time tenure-track or clinical/applied faculty of the University of Hartford who will be within their probationary period, but not within their tenure review year, at the time the awarded funds are used. ETC or Clinical/Applied faculty may apply prior to the year of their comprehensive review, but not within the year of that review. It is expected that the grant recipient will remain at the University of Hartford for a year following the conclusion of the award period. Normally, a faculty member will not be eligible for more than two awards within the probationary period.

The selection committee will be chaired by the Assistant/Associate Provost and will consist of four faculty members selected by the Assistant/Associate Provost. Two of those faculty members will be chosen from nominations provided by the Faculty Senate and two will be chosen from nominations by the Council of Deans. All four faculty committee members will have been tenured within the last 5 years.

To see complete application deadlines and apply online, see Greenberg Junior Faculty Research Grants on the Faculty Development web-page below.

Application Deadline: Last Friday in Feb.