Reminder on the University's EAP

February 28, 2022
Submitted By: HRD

The University offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to meet the needs of the regular full-time and regular part-time employee, spouse, dependent children and/or any family member that resides with the employee.

The University recognizes that, at times, an individual may feel unable to cope with family, social or other personal problems and that such problems can interfere with the ability to perform satisfactorily on the job. The EAP can provide professional and confidential assistance for virtually any personal problem including, but not limited to, marital and/or family difficulties, emotional stress, addictive disorders, elder care or grief and loss.

The University's EAP benefit provides for up to six completely private and confidential consultations per presenting problem, per family member, per calendar year, at no cost to the employee. If further services are necessary, a sliding fee scale may be used based on the individual's ability to pay. The individual may be referred to a specialist if deemed necessary.

An individual may also be covered for further treatment under his/her group medical insurance. The employee should consult his/her medical insurance member services number or check the plan document to determine what expenses, if any, the medical plan covers.

All contact with the EAP is confidential. The University will know nothing of a specific call or consultation(s) unless the employee wishes, and specifies this in writing.

If an employee or family member wishes to consult with a counselor, he/she may call the toll free number: 1.800.676.HELP (4357). Clinical services are also available online at Lexington Group Website. An appointment can then be arranged.

The University reserves the right to change providers, plan descriptions, or plan provisions, as it deems necessary.